Family skate

This afternoon was family skating. Those of us who have skates that fit anyway. (Which just means me & the kids) so I got a few pictures.

SmallKid nearly pulled me down on her a couple of times, I guess that “Mommy can do anything” also means that “Mommy can’t possibly be right when she says I skate way better than she does.”



Snow day

Lots of drifting snow today so the busses can’t run. SmallKid is much more upset about it than BigKid is, poor kid has been counting sleeps since her last school day.



Pumpkin slime!

Some people I know were all kinds of excited about carving pumpkins.

And then I told them they had to clean out the insides by themselves.


Seriously? (She says this to me all the time. “Seriously?”)




Eventually they got down to business.



She designed and cut this out all by herself.


So did she!


Scenes from the back yard

BigKid, SmallKid, and Papa, running around the yard. I hear hysterical laughter from BigKid, the odd chuckle from Papa, and then an exasperated “UGH!! Stop runnin’, Papa!!” from SmallKid, as she chases him around the yard with a pail of water.

A few minutes later, SmallKid is on the trampoline, Papa has the pail, and BigKid’s running away as Papa chases her. SmallKid is the cheering section, “soak her, Papa! Soak her!! Run! Run!!”


Remember this kid?

I know it’s been a long time.


That was the first day of Grade 1.

This was today.


It appears that I missed a few years, and she turned 12 on me. She claims to be 7.

Today was BigKid’s last day of Grade 1. In September she starts Grade 2, and she is so very excited. She says that she’s excited for summer and a little break from school, but I’m sure she’ll get over that in about 4 days. DSC_0635 copy 2

SmallKid is really excited that her sister gets to be home every day now. But likewise with the getting over it in about 4 days, I think. She’s much too accustomed to having everyone to herself during the day.

DSC_0638 copy 2

But for now, they seem to like each other alright.


Not like any a-thon I’ve ever been a part of, but they had fun. It was both of the classes skating together, first around in circles, then they did some drills and skill practicing games. They had a ton of fun. Before they started, we set a goal of 15 laps for BigKid, and 2 laps for SmallKid (hey, she’s got short legs). BigKid lost count after 2, she says, and nobody thought to count for her. SmallKid, by virtue of being much slower, is easier to count laps for, so we know she got at least her 2. They both worked so hard, and they did well, considering they only had their standard 30 minute class.



We had to buy BigKid some new skates, as her old ones were getting hard to put on, and she’s going like crazy now that she has properly sharpened skates. She’s also falling down a bit more, but she doesn’t seem to mind that so much now that she’s the fastest kid in her class.


You can see SmallKid, BigKid, and one of BigKid’s school classmates in this picture.



It’s not as easy as you’d think, getting pictures through the arena glass.


In case you’re wondering, there is still time to donate to their skate club, just send me a message and we’ll work it out. Only until Wednesday though!