11 weeks, 4 days.

Got to hear baby’s heartbeat on Thursday. That was amazing. I was a bit dissappointed that Andrew couldn’t be there, but he’ll be there next time. And the ultrasound will be scheduled in Cold Lake, so he’ll be able to go to that.

Almost done Christmas shopping.

10 weeks

Well, it looks like I get to go to Westlock for my next appointment.

I refuse to go back to Cold Lake. The only way I’ll go back there is if it’s a complete emergency. And it’s only 10 more minutes to Bonnyville, so it’ll have to be a pretty big emergency.

But, since there is only 1 doctor accepting new patients (how can they justify that??) in Bonnyville, and she’s booked until the end of December, I don’t stand a chance of seeing her until January, and they aren’t booking those appointments until the 2nd week in December. (And I’ll be calling first thing Monday morning.)

So, since I’m back in Westlock next week anyway, and I like my doctor there, I’ll see her for a check-up and then get things transferred to Bonnyville if I manage to snag a first appointment there. If I can get the first, the followup appointments should be fine, as they book those a month in advance. It’s the first that’s the trick.

I’m feeling slightly better this week. I am having good days and bad days, and the good ones seem to outnumber the bad. Or maybe I’m just being optimistic. I went swimming today during lane swim. It was so nice to get back in the pool. Hard work because I’ve been out of it for so long, but so relaxing and nice. I’m going to have to keep going. They have the perfect pool for what I want. Not like those ones that have the wading section in the one end. Those drive me nuts.

9 weeks 5 days.

I’m getting bad about updating.
Here’s the November calendar.

I’m feeling much better this week. As long as I can keep from gagging, I don’t get nauseous all day.

The baby is about the size of a strawberry now. Not big enough to be showing, obviously, but obviously there just the same. I have to unbutton my pants when I sit down now, the waistband is pretty uncomfortable otherwise. I think Andrew’s getting anxious for me to get a belly. He keeps rubbing my stomach like he hopes to feel something. It’ll be so exciting to be able to feel the baby though. I can’t wait.

We’ve been having fun looking for names, borrowed a couple of books from the library. Trevor Thrap apparently has some suggestions… Bridgitt Midgett, and Andrew Junior (A. Junior Midgett). Mom says he giggled like crazy when mentioning those.

I’ve discovered that all sushi is not off limits when I’m pregnant. I am still allowed to eat the cooked stuff, like California Rolls, which is all I eat anyways. So yay!. And I’ll be buying a bunch when I go to the city. 🙂

My doctor’s appointment did NOT go well. The doctor was a jerk. And, essentially, I came away from it feeling like they were telling us that I’m not going to make it to the 2nd trimester, so why should they bother. That is absolutely unacceptable to me, and I am looking for a new doctor in Bonnyville. I want to get one close, so Andrew can make it to appointments, but if all else fails, I’ll just go to my doctor in Westlock. She, at least, treats me like I am, in fact, an adult.

Also, it looks like we may be going somewhere besides Las Vegas. There don’t seem to be any open flights on the days we have available. 2nd choice – Hawaii. That’s fun too. Especially in December. 🙂

It’s a new month.

November Baby Growth

I’m 9 weeks now, and supposedly this is the week that the nausea-causing hormones peak.
I hope so. This week has been miserable. I’ve been sick every day. Doesn’t matter if I eat or not, or how frequently or anything. And I’ve got at least 3 weeks left. Which sounds like a long time, but it’s already been 3 weeks, so I think I can manage. Especially if it starts tapering off.

Bailey got her bed re-stuffed last night, so she hasn’t budged out of it since except to eat. Funny girl.

8 weeks tomorrow.

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Hard to believe I’m already 8 weeks along. Seems like just yesterday that I was 5 weeks and itching to tell everyone.

I seem to have the nausea under control now. Either that or it’s just coming in phases. I do know that the days that were really bad, I didn’t eat anything right away and then once I started feeling sick, I didn’t want to eat anything. Now, I’m starting with small snacks as soon as I wake up and it seems to be working. I think that the nausea comes immediately after the hungry, so as long as I don’t stay hungry very long, I’m okay.

I have my first doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I’m so excited about it. I know that all the bloodwork and tests won’t be fun, but the baby is plenty big enough to hear the heartbeat now, and I’m really excited about being able to do that. Andrew may not be able to make it to this appointment, which sucks, but he’s going to do what he can. And it’s late enough in the afternoon, that it might be a possibility. Cross your fingers. I’m also really hoping that they’ll send me for an ultrasound. That’d be fun. Plus, they’ll have to give me enough time to drink a whole lot of water, so maybe Andrew could make it for that.

We’re getting all our auxillary insulation put up today and yesterday. It’s starting to get cold now, so we’ve got to get it done. It’s so much easier this year, because we kept everything, and labelled it all as we took it off the trailer this spring, so we know where it goes… And we’re putting it up earlier this year, so we’ve got more opportunity to make things easy on ourselves. Last year we were just trying to patch holes with anything we could find. This year we can do it properly and not get frostbite in the meantime. And Bailey loves it because she can race around the yard to her heart’s content while we’re fiddling. It’s nice to have a more relaxed pace as well. We can just do a bit here & a bit there and go inside when our fingers get cold. Instead of trying to unstick tape from numb hands.

It really is amazing though, the difference in temperature between inside & outside. We got a little oscillating heater, and it helps to spread the heat throughout the house better.

I do think it’s time to get out the winter coat though. I got a little down jacket, but it’s not quite downy enough when I’m just standing around at dusk taping.