14 weeks

It’s been 3 weeks since I updated. Bad me.

As you know by now, we rented a doppler machine and can listen to the baby’s heartbeat at home.
We love it. It came with a sound recorder that we get to keep, so I can just sit around listening to it all day. Like some other people I know. 😉

Bailey is doing well. Got to have a little holiday at Anty Sharon’s while we were in Las Vegas. Had a blast and came home absolutely disgusting. She’ll have a second holiday at a kennel in Bonnyville over Christmas. Maybe we’ll get them to give her another bath too.

Jack is doing well too. He’s happy and healthy with Dwayne’s gelding. Getting fat too on all the good hay they’ve got to eat. Got to hear a funny story when I went to visit the other day. Jack was getting beat up when all the horses were together. Apparently, Dwayne’s gelding gets possessive if there are mares around, regardless of how well they get along without the girls. So Dwayne put the boys in a seperate pasture. And since there are no waterers, he put fencing down to the river so they have something to drink, but he didn’t think he needed the fence that goes lengthwise down the river because his horses don’t like to get wet. (I’ve never understood how people could keep their horses in that way.) Well, apparenly, they got home from town one afternoon and found a message on their answering machine from a neighbor. “Just thought you should know, your spotted horse is out.” Yikes! So they run down to get him back in and see how he got out… And there he was, belly deep in the river going over to visit the mares. Now the fence is finished. Hehehe.