almost halfway there.

Well, Thursday makes 20 weeks/5 months. Halfway there.
Anyone who tells you that a pregnancy lasts 9 months is full of it. It’s 40 weeks, which makes 10 months by my calendar.

Anyway, I have another ultrasound appointment on the 21st, because apparently little Sue was too squirmy for the tech to get good measurements of the heart and spine. So more pictures to come. It’ll be 5.5 weeks after the last one, so there should be some obvious growth.

I can feel the baby now almost all the time. Andrew hasn’t been able to feel it except once, but I suspect that’ll change quickly in the next couple of weeks. I’m getting quite the belly now, but I’m going to run out of available space at some point and baby is going to start getting cramped in there.

18 weeks = 4 months done.

The ultrasound is tomorrow. We can’t wait.

Still haven’t decided if we’re going to find out gender or not. Not sure that it’s really an option here. In Westlock, we probably wouldn’t have any issues with anything, but the hospital here is lacking in more than just doctors. I’m preparing myself for a thoroughly mundane medical examination, because that’s what I’ve come to expect here. And, because we want Andrew to be able to come too, here is where we get to have it.

Either way, we’ll have a photo to share!

I went to see Jack today. He’s looking great. Soooo fuzzy and cute. I took some photos, but they’re not digital, so I can’t share them here. Obviously feeling well too, he was running and bucking up a storm. He’s still definitely the very low man in the herd, even though their herd is only the 2 of them. Sorrely didn’t want to have anything to do with me, but he didn’t want to let Jack come play either.

But Jack so wants to be cuddled. He cracks me up. His personality is so unlike what I expect from a horse. He was trying to play shy, but then every time I’d put the camera up to take a picture of him, he’d come running to see what that thing was. So i have a bunch of good shots of his face… Not so many of his whole body though… Finally managed to get him to come in the pen with me & shut the gate so he had to stay. He wasn’t thrilled about that, because usually that means work. So he wasn’t being very cooperative at first. I just made him run around the ring a couple times each direction and then stopped him and called him to me. And he came and cooperated. I love that. Then I brushed him out well, and turned him loose again. Hopefully, if I can keep this up, he’ll figure out that being caught isn’t such a bad thing and he’ll get easier to catch. And then he goes out the gate and bucks and runs away. But when he sees that I’m leaving, he has to come running back to say goodbye. What a great feeling that my horse doesn’t want me to leave. 🙂