The low salt thing is a precaution, not a requirement. It’s not anything serious at this point in time. Nothing to worry about.

Baby is doing good. It’s kicking the heck out of me most days.
We get to see it again tomorrow. Can’t wait. Hopefully it’ll settle down at least when we’re having the ultrasound so they can get proper measurements this time.

22 weeks.

What a nightmare.
I won’t get into it here, suffice it to say, if you ever have the urge to buy something off eBay from a seller called tc_seller, go jump off a bridge instead.

Not only have I not received the item I paid for, but he can’t fathom that there is more than one city in Alberta, and now he’s trying to charge me a second time. Neat, huh?

Besides that… everything’s going great. We got to go to a Junior A hockey game last weekend, that was a ton of fun, even if they weren’t playing to their usual standard. We’re hoping to go again at least once before the season is over, they’re in the playoffs so that gives us a bit more time….

Baby is doing well. I’m getting a lot of kicks now, mostly early in the morning when I don’t want to be awake. It’s not strong enough yet to wake me though, so I suppose that’s a good thing. The only time I’m having problems with my blood pressure is when I’m at the Dr.’s office, but I have a home monitor now, and am tracking it that way, so Dr. is happy about that. Next ultrasound is the 21st. Need to get some measurements that baby was squirming too much for last time. We’re excited to see the growth. Should be some pretty major changes.