8 weeks left.

Can you believe it?

Time flies.

We’ve been busy the last while. It’s been a month and a half since I updated this.
We bought a house from Andrew’s brother and his wife, it’s definitely not our ideal house, but it is nice enough, and has good potential. We also know all the things that need to be updated and replaced and all that, so we’re a step ahead that way. And the vast majority of it is cosmetic, so no worries. I managed to get all of our stuff moved in before Andrew got his days off (had tons of help though), and most of it unpacked and set up, so he didn’t have nearly as much to do as he thought he might. We have the master bedroom, a second small bedroom and an addition that we will use as a guest room/office/entertainment room. Also has a decent garage for Andrew, and a cement pad that we can park vehicles and our trailer on.

Our first project is to get the addition finished to our specifications. We haven’t unpacked anything in there yet, but there are a lot of boxes in there that need dealt with because they will eventually be unpacked in there. We’re going to rip up the linoleum and lay down new plywood and laminate flooring (that will be extended to the bathroom as well), paint (probably before the new floor is laid), and redo the ceiling because it sags a little.If we plan things right, we can have all that done before the baby comes.