another picture

Well, seeing as we’re having some sort of developmental or physical growth spurt, or teething or I’m eating too much sugar or something… BigKid isn’t sleeping well. I suspect the teething and am desperately hoping it doesn’t last too much longer.

But how can you resist this face?
This is how she greets me when she wakes up. I think I’m in love.

Look for another comparison shot soon. Just waiting on our photographer (aka Andrew).

Musings from the frozen north.

I happened to find a cooking show that I didn’t know was on. CBC, go figure. So as I eat my kraft dinner, I’m subjected to mouth watering video of a greek community in Montreal. A bakery with a wood oven, fresh melons, grilled seafood, fresh herbs…. Hooray for boxed noodles. I need a good cookbook with recipes from other cultures. Thai, Greek, Indian, whatever. Something with lots of spices and herbs. Yum.

I have to laugh though. We got a phone call early (okay it was like 1030) this morning from my mom. Telling us how cold it is there and they got snow! Okay, the snow is exciting, but it’s not cold there. Not a chance. There is currently over a foot of snow on my truck, and it was -30 when we woke up this morning. (that’s -20 for you imperialists) It’s cold. If the horse didn’t need to eat, I wouldn’t leave the house, but I have to take him hay. So I cover my mouth with my scarf so my teeth and lungs don’t freeze, and march through the yard to bring him some breakfast. For those of you who know the layout of our yard, the hay is next to the garden and I feed the horse a bit behind the propane tank. By the time I got from the house to the hay to the gate, the steam from my breath coming over the scarf had collected on my eyelashes and frozen them.

But Andrew, BigKid & I are nice and warm in the house, as is Bailey, Morgan is happy and warm in the garage, and Jose is as warm as ever in his bowl (though I may move him to the table so he’s not so close to the windows. Only Charlie has to be outside, and he’s tough. And he’s got a nice coat. Horses, after all, were designed to live outdoors in all weather.

Oops, almost forgot pictures.

New diaper!
So cute.

BigKid’s new favorite toy is…

Anything that crinkles.

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth.

It’s funny how fast time goes. BigKid is already 5 months old. Every day she becomes more of a kid and less of a baby. It’s hard to imagine life without her. She loves the shower, thinks it’s hilarious when the water sprays in her face, and loves to try and catch it. She’s started “talking” to her toys as she chews on them. I wonder what she’s telling them. She adores Bailey, won’t even look at me if Bailey is moving around the room. She’s also very excited about Daddy. We’re going to find her a new carseat tomorrow, she’s outgrowing this one rapidly, and I don’t want to be stuck with one that doesn’t fit. We’ll probably move her up before she’s too big for the bucket. My car now lives in the garage, so it’s not quite so cold in there as it is outside.

I’m very excited for Mom & Dad & my Grandparents to see BigKid again. As much as I want to visit for myself, I can’t wait for them to spend time with her. The last time they saw her was September, and she’s changed so much since then. Only a month left till our big trip. I’m so not looking forward to the drive though.

And can I just say how much I love cloth diapers? Even without the economic and environmental considerations, disposables just don’t come near to the absolute cuteness. Not to mention how much happier she is in them.


BigKid’s found her toes. She actually found them a while ago, but she’s decided now that they are great for sucking on. She now rolls both directions too.

Cruisin’ right along.

BigKid pushed up onto her knees this evening. Yikes! This means crawling could be not much further down the road. I’m not ready to have a mobile baby! But she’s so cute trying to push up, and she was so excited about it. She stayed on her belly longer tonight than she ever has before, and she was really working those legs. She even managed to spin herself around almost 180 degrees.

Of course, as with all great developmental leaps, this comes with crazy sleep troubles. Still not as bad as some babies though, so I can’t complain too much.


Here is what Bug looks like when she’s up past her bedtime.
Peeking over Daddy’s knee

Leave us alone, Mom. We’re snuggling.

Driving Miss BigKid

Andrew’s been home, so I haven’t been updating like I should. Silly me not spending so much time on the computer. Our morning routine seems to be fairly settled at the moment. We wake up about 9 ish, play with BigKid for a while, then BigKid & I usually have a shower while Andrew eats breakfast. BigKid loves the shower. Then after BigKid goes down for her morning nap, I head out to feed the horse. This is a good routine to get into, because he will now need to be given hay every day. He’s grazed down all the grass, that’s what happens in a small yard. If I get used to feeding him during her nap, then I don’t have to worry about forgetting like I do with the fish.

BigKid is growing so fast. Hard to believe she’ll be 5 months old in only a few days. We’re on the hunt for a new carseat, she’s almost too tall for the bucket now. I’m going to miss the convenience for those quick trips in somewhere, but most of the time I have her in the sling anyway so it won’t make much difference.

This is the most recent picture, we were playing with her (go figure) while we were waiting for some friends to get home. She is so much fun. No teeth yet, but soon enough, I’m sure. She’s chomping on everything she can get her hands on. And she feels the need to yell while she’s chewing. That cracks me up.

Oops, she’s waking up. That’s all the update for now, I guess.