Ho Ho Ho. & PSA

Look what I did Mommy!!

BigKid is very much enjoying helping with the Christmas preparations.
We’re heading south within the week. Andrew will be off a few days before we thought he would, so we’re not sure now where we’ll end up when. I believe that we’re still planning a few days in Idaho before we head on down to Portland, but I’m not sure where that puts us.

The nieces and nephew have a school program on Wednesday, so I think we’re planning to attend that, then leave sometime after. Not sure now if after means nighttime or morning. Then we’ll drive as far as BigKid allows each day until we get where we’re going.

In the meantime, I’m cleaning up the house for Kristy, who will be Baileys temporary roommate and the official feeder of the critters. Biggest item, make sure that there is food in the fridge and make sure that all the food in the fridge is edible food. Hope to tackle most of that tomorrow.

Miss Morgan

I just realized that I’ve never really spoken about poor Morgan except to say that she’s fat. So here’s Morgan’s story.

Andrew decided one day that Bailey just wasn’t keeping up with the mouse population, so we needed to get a cat. So we called the people who’d put up the “free to a good home” poster and they had one kitten left. She was approximately 4 months old. When we got there, they couldn’t find her, so we told them to call us when they caught her and we’d come pick her up. Then, just as I was getting into the car, she peeked around from behind a bush and then she was ours.

She’s a sweetie, and an excellent mouser. She loves Bailey and Bailey loves her. So happiness abounds with the two of them. Except when Morgan catches a mouse, then they fight over who gets to eat it. I’m not sure who wins that arguement.

She’s pretty too. Here she is the day we brought her home.The second day, she’d already claimed Bailey’s bed and toys.
And the girls cuddling.

Just because

BigKid isn’t the only cute critter at our house.

Here are some more recent pictures of Bailey & Charlie.

Okay, well…

I was going to post pictures of them and of our Christmas tree, but apparently Blogger isn’t letting me do that right now.

Oh well. My Charlie pictures aren’t that great. One makes him look like I’m starving him, and the other one makes his head look deformed. His head is actually quite shapely for a horse, and he is most definitely not starved. In fact, he’s the only horse I know in real life who gets to eat grain. Well, Jack probably does, but not every day I suspect.

Rest assured, all the critters are doing fabulously. Morgan has gotten so fat that if I wasn’t certain she’d already been spayed, I would swear she was pregnant. Bailey is loving the snow, as always, even though in most places it’s higher than she is. And Charlie is loving this grain-every-day, spoiled life he’s found himself in.

Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness

Why do birds keep running into my window? They do it even when the curtains are drawn, so I’m sure they’re just stupid. Actually, I think it might be the same bird that keeps doing it. He came inside for a visit during the summer, because that particular window doesn’t have a screen. Not sure why, but hopefully it will within the next couple weeks.

Morgan is fat. She’s going on a diet. She now gets fed once a day, and if she wants a snack in between, she can catch mice. That’s her job anyway.

We started feeding BigKid a bit of rice cereal last week. She’s pretty funny with it. She doesn’t like the first bite. It’s cold, and that’s just not okay. But the second bite is good stuff, apparently.