Growing like a weed

Hard to believe she used to be so small. I think it’s time to go through her clothes again and sort out the ones that don’t fit. I think we have had another growth spurt, because there seem to be a lot of things that used to fit and don’t anymore. Also, her top tooth finally broke through the skin. Finally. Of course, it’s taking its sweet time coming all the way down, so it’s still giving her grief, and the second one is helping it out now. Poor girl is miserable tonight.

She is now, by rough measuring, 20lbs and 27 inches.


Okay, I know she’s not 9 months until Friday, but she’s wearing this dress today, so I had to take a picture.

And she got herself stuck again. I’m not sure what the draw is, but she sure likes to climb into this thing.

Funny baby.

Aha! So this is where my noisy toys went!

I am THIS big. Too big to fit in a measuring cup!
This is interesting. A rice chip, do you call it? Hmm. I think I like it.

Swim, swam, swum.

BigKid and I went swimming today. Very low key, not a class, just us and one other baby with his parents. The pool here opens the shallow end to babies/toddlers and their parents while adult lane swim is open.

BigKid LOVED it. She was so happy and smiley. I think we’re going to go again tomorrow, and we’ll see if we can get some pictures to share. No pictures today as we were by ourselves.

Messy baby

I found some wheat-free teething biscuits at the health food store. They’re maple flavored, so BigKid smells like a pancake. But she sure seems to like them.


Just pictures.

BigKid in her warmer weather suit. It’s been +10 here all week, no need for the parka.
What color are these eyes? We can’t decide.

Cute little outfit from Grammy.

The sunset out the kitchen window a couple days ago. I love that there is no metal bar in the middle anymore.

Bailey can stand on the snow now and see over the couch. The deck under the snow is at the same level as the floor inside. In other news, Bailey pulled a muscle in her shoulder playing in the snow the other day, but is apparently fully recovered now.

And our mini-garden. i think we may pull the beans and start them over again. They apparently didn’t need planted this early. The beets finally sprouted today, so the only thing yet to come is the asparagus.

Today we played in the snow.

Lots of it.

Andrew & I went out to start pruning Saskatoons while BigKid was having her nap, then BigKid joined us when she woke up. I’ve kept out a bunch of poles that I am trimming branches off of and I’ll use them to hold up the beans and cucumbers in the garden. Maybe the pumpkins and watermelon too, I haven’t decided on those yet. Andrew thinks we’ll have beans indoors before the snow melts, they’re very tall already. I’m hoping to get the second round started maybe next week.

Here we are. Me & BigKid. I’m standing on packed snow and this is how far down I go. You can see the garden fence behind me, I can barely step over it when there’s no snow.

Andrew & Bailey. Poor dog, the snow is over her head, so it took her ages to get to him. She was taking full advantage of his lap though.

And we stand

I stand with Daddy.

And I stand with my toy.
She wasn’t able to stand up with this toy until today. It’s too light and it kept tipping over. Apparently, she’s needing less support.
And then I get tired and get ready for bed.