Today we gardened.

BigKid sat in the stroller (still not thrilled about this ground thing) and laughed at me while I got all dirty. It was nice to get in there and start cleaning up. Hopefully we can keep on top of it this year, last year we got distracted by a cute baby.

Here is what my garden looks like right now. Kinda rough.
This is the work I did today, plus raked some more. This section is raked and the weeds have been pulled, then raked again to get the pieces out.
Here is my garden, for those of you who haven’t seen it in person. That’s Bailey by the near corner.
My indoor garden, thinned and in bigger pots. I’m planting the second round this week, I hope to have a dual harvest.
Bailey found her bones now that the snow has melted. She’s very excited about that. She’s been dragging this thing around the yard for 3 days.

And Morgan decided to get out of bed during the daylight today and visit with us. She’s been busy at night hunting, so she hasn’t been budging during the day.

Our order came in!

I ordered a maraca for BigKid at our last Salsa Babies class, and it finally came in today. They were seriously backordered. She was so excited. She loves it. So, of course, I had to take some pictures. She’s been hauling it around the house with her.
Then she went to play with H & S again. She LOVES them. I am told that there were crawling races around the house, lots of climbing over legs and pillows, and all the poker chip towers she could knock over. What more could a girl ask for?

Her shirt says “Here comes trouble”. I thought it was fitting.

picture post

Catching up on some of the pictures I’ve taken recently.

Swimming with Daddy.
4 teeth!
And again.
If i could just get this down…

Let me outta here! I want to help cut Bailey’s hair!

BigKid and her friend Lazare. He’s a month older than her.
And this one’s from this morning.


Some of you know that our neighbor’s dog was coming over here for visits and marking our territory as his own. Well, we finally got that resolved by chasing him down the road yelling at him every day for a week. Then their cats started coming over. I half suspect these cats aren’t being fed, but they also mark territory and I don’t want them here. They, however, don’t run down the road when you chase them, they just go up a tree. So it’s proving to be more difficult to get rid of them. I think that after yesterday though, we may be rid of them for a while.

Yesterday afternoon, I scared the black one away from Morgan’s bowl twice (the black one comes here more often). Apparently he was just biding his time when I didn’t see him again. We got home from visiting friends and let Bailey out, then a minute or two later heard an awful commotion coming from the side of the garage. First we though she’d cornered a coyote, but thought better when we remembered what a chicken she is. So we went to look, and the fighting was coming from the doghouse. We called Bailey and she jumped out, quickly followed by the black cat, who disappeared into the bush.

Bailey won’t attack a cat, and she hasn’t bothered these cats when they’ve been here before, so we figure she was the one who got attacked. I imagine the cat was in the doghouse when Bailey went in and Bailey scared him and he attacked her. Then she had to defend herself, of course, because she won’t stand for that. But no scratches on Bailey and I haven’t seen that cat all day.