Salsa Baby!

Too bad our baby is in such a bad mood all the time. Really makes things hard on us, you know?

She’s keeping me on my toes, that’s for sure. For Mother’s Day, we went for a weenie roast with a bunch of the family, then played baseball in the front yard. I’m told that Canadian baseball is played with a tennis ball, and is a full contact sport. At least, that’s what my Brother in Law says. Ha!

The garden is almost ready, I’m more than halfway done hauling manure in there, then I have to spread it more or less evenly and till it in. I even have the tiller sitting in there. Hoping to get to that tomorow, but maybe Friday depending on how BigKid is sleeping tomorrow. Plants are all ready and itching to go, they’ve been out on the porch for a few days enjoying the sun. But we’re supposed to get pretty cold overnight on the weekend, so we won’t put them out just yet. I repotted my avocado tree today too, it’s looking happier already. It was fairly cramped in the last one, so this new pot is quite a bit bigger. Hope it lasts a while, I won’t be able to lift a bigger pot.

Charlie is doing much, much better. His leg looks great today, I’m excited about that. Okay, it still looks disgusting, but compared to what it was, looks very good.

Renos progress

First, I apologize for the pictures of pictures, my scanner doesn’t work with this computer and the only pictures I have of before are prints.

Here is the south side of the house. We (Andrew) took down the roof of the screened porch (on the left) last fall, and the two of us dismantled the floor last week. Found a real estate paper under there from 1983. The porch wasn’t built right, so parts of the floor were rotting. Only around the supports, no big deal, right? The good lumber we kept for other projects.
View of the west side of the house, get a good look at that porch.

After the siding guys had removed the old tin, after the windows were replaced, before we took down the porch floor.

Nearly finished/finished pictures are coming, but I have to remember to take them when it’s light out. Also coming, before & after of most of the rest of the house.


The much anticipated tooth #5 has finally broken through, to be shortly followed by #6, I think. She’s still miserable. Poor kid.

Video overload.

Took a bunch of video in the last 2 days, just getting around to editing. Gotta cut it down to the good stuff.

First up, Superbaby! Apparently this game is a big hit. Notice the cowboys and horses on her Superbaby cape.

Next up, cute baby noises! The video isn’t all that great, but the audio makes up for it. We have a ball with a sand pocket at the bottom so it wiggles. She loves this ball. Most recently, she’s taken to kicking it around the living room (while she’s holding our hands, of course), but we haven’t got a video of that yet.

And number 3, our one baby band. Who needs toys when you have a pot and a wooden spoon?

Our weekend.

We went to see Ray Price on Saturday night. BigKid slept through a good portion of it, and everyone was much impressed by how well behaved she was. I actually think they may just have been grateful that I took her for walks in the aisleways when she got cranky, so she was quiet and not distracting anyone. We spent the night in Edmonton, as the drive home would’ve made BigKid a very unhappy camper. Arrived home to find Charlie caught in the fence. He’s okay, the wounds are much less severe than we thought they would be. After consulting with the vet, we feel that we can care for him adequately here, but we’ll follow up if we need to. He’s going to have some scars, but he won’t have any lasting damage besides that.

BigKid now walks while only holding one of our hands. Andrew’s mom said last night “can she do that?” Well, she is doing it, so I guess she can.
She is finally interested in eating something besides breastmilk, but only if it comes from my plate. Over the weekend, we had salmon & steamed broccoli, rye bread, yellow zuccini, roasted red pepper & black bean soup, and I can’t remember what else. And she would yell at me if I didn’t have a steady supply of little bites for her. Good grief. So cute watching her chow down on salmon & broccoli though. And surprisingly (or not, since she seems to take after her Aunty Lindsay) she doesn’t get messy. One piece at a time is all she’ll pick up. Of course, she still packs her mouth full, but she only puts in one piece at a time. Who needs bibs?