Spray park!

Today we went to the spray park with some local moms. BigKid had a blast. I thought the water was pretty cold, but she was right in the thick of it. She did go back to play in the grass after about 40 minutes, when she got too cold for sprinklers. When she warmed up again, she went back in the water. And my camera apparently takes really good crisp pictures (that have been sized down for the blog, lol) when you figure out all the options for manual mode. It’s not just a point and shoot after all!

This one’s pretty fun! Look at the water follow my fingers!

What’s next?

This one looks like fun!

Ooooh! This one is COLD!

Our day

Today we went to the lake again with Scott, Mark & Kim. Great fun was had by all, especially BigKid. She went in the inner tube (with a grownup) twice, once with Kim and once with me. She LOVED it. Unfortunately, there are no pictures. Because although I remembered to bring the camera this time, I left the memory card in the computer, and apparently I can’t take pictures without it.

I do, however, have a photo of the aftermath. We were walking around the parking lot while the guys got the boat loaded back on the trailer and BigKid tripped over a rock. So I give you, baby’s first road rash.

Truth be told, this photo is from after we got home, and she’s crying about something completely unrelated. She cried for about 10 seconds when it actually happened and then wanted back down to play again. Everyone thinks she is very brave for wanting to go on the inner tube and for recovering so quickly from her fall.

It’s summertime!

And boy is it hot! So BigKid had to spend some time in the pool she got for her birthday. She had a great time, and cried when it was time to get out.

Then we went inside and she had a (unopened) popsicle to chew on because her molars are really bugging her. Poor kid.

Where did my baby go?

And where did this toddler come from?

BigKid no longer crawls. She has better things to do, apparently. She figured out how to stand up without holding onto anything a few days ago, and since she can carry more with her hands in the air, who needs crawling? Too cute to see those short little legs cruising around the house. Even cuter when she starts dancing to whatever music might be playing. Shaking her little bum around. Very, very cute. Time to start looking for the Salsa Tots schedule.

She’s 1!

Some pictures and a brief update.
We now have a 1 year old. She walks, almost runs, and stands up all by herself. She weighs 19.5 pounds and is 29.5 inches tall.

Found my Grampa!
Pounded on my new drum.
I learned that if I make this face after I take a drink, everyone laughs.
Photo credit: Ken L.

A tunnel!
Photo credit: Ken L.

Playing with my new octopus on the way to the zoo.

When I was at the zoo, I petted a pony.
This one is way closer to my size than that one we have at home.
Photo credit: Ken L.

When we got home from the zoo, we found Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa at our house!
I was very excited to see them.
Photo credit: Ken L.
We had a big barbeque with lots of friends over, and we took this picture of 4 generations of our family.
Photo credit: Kim W.
A few days later, we went for a walk and Grammy tried on the wrap.
That made me laugh, it was fun.
Then Grammy’s back got sore, so Mommy let me ride on her back for the rest of the walk. I guess Grammy’s not used to carrying somebody.
Photo credit: Karen L.

We also got some other visitors for a little while. They’re here to get more used to seeing people. The big one is Shalamar, she’s Jack’s mom, and the little guy is named Gilbert, he’s Jack’s half brother. They’re doing great, and Charlie is loving the company.