From far off lands.

No pictures today, but I thought I’d give a brief update.

We’ve been having a great time here in the supposedly sunny Oregon. It’s been pretty cool, but at least not as cold as nights have been at home. BigKid went on her first plane ride on Wednesday, and she did great. She fell asleep just as the wheels left the ground on the first flight, and the second one she pretty much had the flight attendant’s complete attention. She even got cookies before we took off. We had lots of fun playing at airports, BigKid even got to play with another little girl in the Vancouver airport. Then she had some good snuggles when we met up with Grandma & Grandpa. Funniest part about the trip was waving good-bye to all the planes and buildings as we taxied away from the Vancouver airport. Second funniest, was taking the carseat through security. The guard says “Wow there’s a lot of metal in that!” Um, yep. That’s why we picked that one.

Aunty Lindsay and Ross arrived safe and sound on Thursday. Took BigKid a little while to warm up because she’s never met Ross before, and hasn’t seen Auntie in a year, and she was so tired, but she got there. We also found BigKid a cute pair of winter boots on sale at an outlet store. They’re made with Thinsulate and nice soles, so they should be great for walks in the snow.

Today, we all went to lunch in Portland with one of my cousins who we haven’t seen in ages. He hadn’t even met BigKid yet. It was good to see him. Then we went for a long walk at the zoo and had a great time. BigKid loves to go look at animals. She was most excited by the trout, salmon & sturgeon in the Pacific Northwest section. That section is mostly new since the last time I went to the zoo and it’s amazing. Just beautiful.

That’s all for now. Perhaps we’ll have a few pictures in a day or two.

It’s fall!

This’ll be the last update before BigKid’s big adventure. If we can get pictures from the camera to the computer and I have time to borrow a computer, there may be more updates. Otherwise, everyone will just have to wait a bit. Tomorrow, BigKid gets to go on her first plane ride. And the second as well, I suppose, but all in one day. We’re going to visit Grammy & Grandpa where it’s still summer. As you can see, it has become Fall at our house. The leaves are turning, we’re picking apples, there’s a little chill in the air. Before you know it, there will be snow.

Why yes, I’d love to go for a walk!

What’s all this stuff on the ground?

Big girl.

Today BigKid sat in the big chair and fed herself some yogurt with a spoon. Pretty funny. Took her ages, because she was mostly just dipping the spoon and licking it off, but she was so excited to do it herself.

A Milestone

At least that’s what I’m told.

I cut the feet off BigKid’s pyjamas today. Only one of her pyjamas, but still. Cut them off just above the ankle elastic, and now the bottom hangs just below her knees. Those suckers were tight. Now they fit nicely again.

I also had to take the cover off the carseat and wash it, because she’d made a mess of it. Cracker crumbs I can deal with, but I gave her a bit of muffin the other day and she apparently stuck it under her leg for safe keeping. Not sure why she felt the need to do that, but there you go. All clean now, and a bit of a comparison. She’s so big. But the clothes she was wearing in December were obviously too big, because they still fit!