Snow Day!

Today we woke up to some snow. Also woke up to no power, but that was quickly resolved. The new insulation works great, and the repair man was already working on the problem by the time I discovered it. I was on the phone with the electric company to put our name on the list of “make sure we have power before you go home” people when the lights turned on again. So I told her not to bother putting my name on the list. Ha. We ended up with about an inch and a half of snow before it quit coming down, but it was pretty warm this afternoon, so it melted a bunch. We did take a walk around the yard before it melted though, just for pictures’ sake.

First, this is how she entertained herself yesterday morning. Apparently she needed a little decoration.

And here she is getting her first look at snow up close. She was pretty excited about it until I made her walk in it. Then she got a little bit miffed at me.

“What is this stuff, Mom?”

“It’s touching me!”
“I think I’ll look from here, thank you very much.”

New trick: Climbing up on anything she can reach.

New clothes and new shoes! The shoes won’t fit properly until spring probably, but she had to try them on.
Hmmm… Interesting…

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Adventures in BigKidland.

BigKid is trying to learn to be gentle with the cats. Here she is petting Morgan while she eats breakfast. Notice Morgan is ready to run if the going gets rough.
Then she decided it was time to place an order.
And wait for the little cat to make his delivery.
Today she tried hummus again. She wasn’t thrilled with it before, but apparently she likes it now. She even dips her crackers in like a big kid.
Well, like a big, messy kid anyway. She got it everywhere.