BigKid’s new tower

We asked Dad (Pappa) if he would make BigKid a stand so she would be a bit safer when she’s helping in the kitchen, and so she can get up & down by herself. And he came through with this wonderful creation.

I think she likes it.

More pictures and stories will come sometime after bedtime.


Well, more heating things up in a pan and then letting them cool than baking, I guess. We did bake later, we just didn’t take pictures then. Mostly because the best one would’ve been BigKid sucking on the spice covered measuring spoon. What can I say, the girl loves her spices.

Here she is beating the candycanes so we can make peppermint bark. Yum!

And here she is showing off her ponytail. Her hair is long enough now to make a ponytail in the back. Until she rips it out anyway. Is very cute.


I have to apologize for the serious lack of pictures lately. She now stops what she’s doing and runs away when I get out the camera. If it’s warm again tomorrow, we’ll try to get more snow pictures though.

Messy, messy.

We had pasta for supper tonight, and some of BigKid’s noodles slipped off her fork onto the ground. After supper, I guess she felt the need to help clean up.

We’ve been letting Bailey play for a while, but now that BigKid’s a little bigger and a lot more stable, Bailey gets to play even more. Which is great for both of them, and the more it happens the less excited they are. Which means that BigKid doesn’t get knocked over so often, and Bailey’s hair doesn’t get pulled so much.

I love my doggy!
Too bad she’s never happy. Geez. She’s so hard to get along with.