Growing up too fast.

It is a sad state of affairs when your cloth diapered child outgrows her pants in length before the butt gets too tight. Sad indeed.

I know it’s been a long time since I updated, I’m sorry. Things have gotten a little crazy, but it’s good, I think. I started a home-based business selling a well-known brand of kitchen tools that I’m not allowed to speak the name of here, and I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve been using them for years and years, and I very much believe in the product that I’m selling, which is most of the battle. Andrew has been in and out more than usual as he started 2 new contracts for the winter in addition to the one he usually has. Nothing major, just a few extra days here & there.

Murphy is doing very well and growing like crazy. He caught his first bird last Friday, now we just have to get him onto the mice. Morgan still hasn’t turned up since December 15th. Bailey is as happy and rambunctious as ever, not enjoying our current cold snap, but it’s not as though she spends a ton of time outside anyways, the spoiled creature. Charlie continues to heal. His wound is now about 2 inches wide and 3-4 inches tall, and almost all the swelling is gone. I’m keeping it wrapped up in this very cold weather and he seems to be pretty pleased with that turn of events.

And speaking of growing like weeds. We know you all only read this blog for one reason, so here she is. BigKid is 19 months old now and getting bigger every day. She learns new words every day, and has become quite the little parrot. (No more speakerphone for Daddy when he’s talking to his friends at work! Some of those guys are worse than sailors.) She now says, in addition to many others, “book”, “bear”, “shoe”, “peekaboo”, and “bless you”. She’s getting very tall, and it seems as though every time I get her dressed I think “this is the last time you’re going to be able to wear this.” Current favorite toys are the legos she got for Christmas.

Here she is drinking out of the big-kid Starbucks cup that Boppa bought for her. She thinks that’s pretty cool.

And here she is in the midst of playing games with Daddy. She loves to play peekaboo under a blanket.


Today we made pancakes. We put a bit of applesauce and cinnamon in the batter, and someone thought that must be good enough to eat, so she tried some of the batter. Thought it was okay, I guess. No eggs in it, so whatever. She really liked the finished product, and she thought that flipping them was ever so funny, but nothing beats getting to stir.

Look, I even have my own apron!

Okay, time to get serious now. Yum!

Christmas and since then.

Took BigKid a few minutes to figure out what we wanted her to do with this papered thing. Especially since we’d been telling her for days that we didn’t want her to tear off the paper. Once she figured it out though, she helped all the rest of us open our presents too.

But first she figured she’d just wrap her chair back up while she was sitting in it.

Starting the new year off right, reading the Bargain Finder with Daddy.
And no, this picture is not staged. She decided that all by herself.

Having a snack in her new chair. And her new jammies. Very cute.
Yesterday, grating some cheese to put in her scrambled eggs. Yummy Tillamook cheese that Grammy and Papa brought for us from Oregon. Such a big helper.

Then she figured out that she could get her leg up onto the counter, so I lowered the platform in her tower. Took her about 2 seconds to circumvent that!

I’m as clever as I am cute!