Snow fun!

The weather has warmed up a lot lately, so we’ve been spending a little bit of time outside. Today I finally remembered to bring the camera with us. BigKid loves to be outside, and it’s quite a chore sometimes to get her back in. Especially at naptime. 🙂

You can’t get me!

Not even going to look at you!

I’m gonna get you!!

A sad day for us.

Today we took Murphy in to get neutered. He had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic and his heart stopped. The vets did all they could, but they couldn’t get it going again.

Goodbye little buddy. We miss you already.

Charlie’s been having company.

Spotted a Mama moose on Monday when I opened the window in the morning. She is very, very pregnant, and didn’t seem to be afraid of me at all. I stood in the window and watched her for a long time, talked to her so she would look at me and all. She didn’t even seem to flinch. Beautiful. In these pictures, she’s about 20 yards from the house.

No new pictures of a little girl, she won’t hold still!

Those of you who are following Charlie’s progress, here’s the latest picture. As of Feb. 11.

Hard work!

Last night we made egg salad, and BigKid decided that she needed to have a boiled egg too, since I had some. She tapped the end on the counter, just like Mommy, and set to work picking bits of shell off. She did a pretty good job too.
And then this morning she played dress-up. Her hat, on backwards, the wristwarmers that I knitted for myself, and she had mitts on as well at one point. The shirt is quite appropriate, I think.