New friends and a new hat.

First up, we have a new friend. Meet “birdie.’ He is huge, plastic, and supposedly good for scaring away the woodpecker who keeps banging on the metal stovepipe every morning at 6. He had to live inside for a few days because BigKid was in love with him.

She’s also very excited about his eyes.

Then came the new hat. The cousins outgrew their bike trailer, so it was passed down to us. Had to do a little preparation, but we should be good to go as soon as this rain stops.

And our other new friend. She’s 6 months old and her name (for the time being) is Tipsy. She’s very sweet, loves kids, and is currently crashed out in one of Bailey’s beds. Completely ignoring the cat bed I got.

Oh right. I was going to share.

Trey wants a tower too. Took him about 2 seconds to figure it out. Trey is our friends’ little boy who is about 2 months younger than BigKid. They are great friends. They play together so nicely, and we don’t generally have to worry about what kind of trouble they’re getting into. Every time we leave the house now, BigKid says “Trey? Trey?” And if you ask her if she wants to go play with Trey, she’s got her shoes on and her coat in her hand before you have time to blink.

Fun for BigKid

In the morning, BigKid listens to music on Mommy’s iPod. When Mommy is ready to move on to something else, BigKid asks for “More? Ears?” Because she loves her music.

Then we get dressed and go outside, now that it’s springtime and the snow is gone. The cousins who used to live here left a swingset, and BigKid is big enough to appreciate it now, and she LOVES it. Every time we go out, she asks to go for a ride.

Come sit, Mommy.

I love my swings!

And she loves her Bailey.
Too bad I can’t get a picture with both of them looking at the same time.


Once we got back from our holiday, the first order of business was visiting Uncle S and Aunty N.
And showing them how cool you are when you put your hands in your back pockets.

Then a little tummy started to feel icky.

Then the whole little person felt yucky for a few days.

Then she started to feel better, and Daddy cleaned out his truck and found the cool dude glasses!

And there was lots of playing outside and gardening because the weather has been beautiful. BigKid’s favorite thing now is to be “hupful”. Helps me with everything. Sometimes that makes things go slower, but she’s so happy to help that I can’t resist letting her.