2 of 2 – June 28

Today was a scorcher. So we decided to play in the water.

First we tried the sprinkler, but that well water is cold, and she wasn’t real sure what to do with it.
So we got out the little pool.
Still really cold, but she seemed happy enough with it.
That’s more like it!
Ew! A bug!

Hmmm. This is fun!Thanks Mommy!
Then she got tired of playing in the water and decided to have a car ride.
This is the face I get when I ask her to smile for me.
And this is “show me some teeth.”
What a little goof.
And Bailey cried the whole time, because we had to tie her up so she wouldn’t get the water all muddy while BigKid was playing. She sure had fun diving in after BigKid was done though!

1 of 2 – June 27

Today, Papa put our garden fence back together for us. We had to take it down so that we could get some peat moss delivered this spring, to mix into our sand. Look at all that green now!

Of course, Papa had help from the chief nail loser, er, nail holder.

I think she dropped about 12 nails.
Good thing the ants keep us from going in the yard barefoot.
This is what happens now when she knows you’re taking her picture.
She turns into a ham. Daddy helped with the staging.

Finally got her to look at the camera, but what a goofy face!
Thanks go to Aunty L. for the adorable jammies.

These are a few of my favorite things…

I just love to be a helper, especially if it means that I get to sweep.
I also love my cool dude glasses and my green shoes.

I love to read my books and I love the new deck.
Not really so big on wearing hats outside though.

I really love horses.

I love bubbles!

Do NOT like how bubbles taste,
but I’m learning to keep my mouth away from that stick.
I love my Papa, he’s lots of fun to play with.

I love noodles!

And I love to be a goofball in my bath.

Happy Birthday BigKid!

I can hardly believe it’s been 2 years already since you were born, but at the same time, it seems like you’ve been in our hearts forever. You are so much more of a “big kid” every day. Talking more, and so much clearer, exerting your independence, exploring, it’s so much fun to watch you learn and grow.

Today we went to the zoo again. Just like last year, but this time BigKid is big enough to go on her very first pony ride. She was so excited, and kept patting the pony and telling it “good boy, horsie”. We didn’t tell her that the “horsie” was a girl. She was disappointed that she had to get off, and a little confused that Mommy didn’t get to have a turn, but she loved getting to ride. Much more interested in the other animals this year too.

She was a little bit disappointed that this train didn’t go when she told it to, but we promised her that next time we’d find the one that does move.

Almost there.

Yesterday evening we celebrated BigKid’s birthday with a nice little barbecue. We had both sets of grandparents, one Aunty & Uncle, 3 cousins, and 2 other guests. It was a lovely time, even if we goteaten alive by the mosquito hordes when we tried to escape the heat in the house. No pictures yet, they’re on everyone else’s cameras! Tomorrow the little bug turns 2.

Too much fun.

BigKid just loves her new friend. Mooch is used to older kids and is still a bit shy around BigKid.

He just hates it. Can you tell?
I swear this cat has a permanent smile.

We got a new deck installed, finally. Someone already figured out (in less than half an hour!) how to unlatch the gate, so I had to put a lock on it.

It makes fun noises when you stomp your feet.

She loves this, because she can come in & out by herself. And she can’t get off of it by herself, so I can do a little puttering in the kitchen and watch out the window. Not that she isn’t in & out of the door 1200 times a minute checking to make sure I’m still there.

There’s the kitchen window right over her head.
And her “couch” that I found at the hardware store. She was so excited.

Another newbie

New cat #2, Hugs. He’s 2 years old, the snuggliest cat I’ve ever met, and he was very, very unhappy when his old owners moved from an acreage to the city and he wasn’t allowed outside anymore. It broke their hearts to give him up, but they wanted him to be happy, so they gave him to us. We’ve had him a week now and we love him. He’s a sweetie, totally lives up to his name, loves to go outside but stays in the yard, and he’s been hunting mice already!

And we’ve changed Tipsy’s name to Mooch (BigKid’s word for kiss).
So now we’ve got Hugs and Smooches.

Mooch has finally decided that we’re okay and she comes out of hiding when everyone is awake instead of only when I’m awake.

June 1st.

BigKid is going to be 2 this month. I can hardly believe it.
She’s such a big kid these days, putting on her own clothes, putting on her boots, exploring the yard without needing to hold my hand. It’s so much fun to watch her learning things.

A few days ago, her friend T came to play again while his Mom went to work. They had so much fun. We spent most of the day outside, but we were too busy playing to take any pictures out there.

Maybe we need another chair?

This was hilarious. BigKid dug this harness out of the toybox, put it on, handed T the leash part and laughed hysterically when he started leading her around. He wasn’t quite as entertained.