Goings on

Uncle Mark and Aunty Kim got married!
It was a beautiful outdoor wedding at the family farm. Lots of room for the kids (and adults) to run around and burn off energy, and a fantastic sunny day.

And, in true farmer fashion, they arrived at the reception (which was about 20 feet away from the ceremony) on the quad. Which got washed first, at least. Photo credit for this one goes to Aunty Alice, I was too busy keeping track of a 2 year old.

Who spent the entire ceremony munching crackers and guzzling water.

The night before, Aunty Naomi came over to paint her toenails to match her dress, so BigKid had to have painted nails too. Good thing I managed to find some super-quick-drying polish for her!

Today when we checked out our yard, we found lots of big apples,

in the enormous apple tree.
(someone should really prune that thing)
Fat, juicy raspberries that taste so good, but you have to brave the nettles to get to them!


And tomatoes! Pay no attention to the weeds, please.
Some of those tomato plants are about 2 inches shorter than I am. And about 3 feet wide. It’s getting jungly in there.

Today’s haul.
Red & blue potatoes, a few peas, 3 cherry tomatoes, and 2 strawberries.

Horsey business.

I almost didn’t get this post written tonight, because my internet was distracted by the storm. Getting a bit tired of that. But I played for a while and then it was back. Here’s what I was playing with.
I was playing with the picture, not the horse. We played with the horse earlier today. There are more pictures of him, but I spent so much time playing with this one that I didn’t get those resized. Here are some other things to look at.

For instance, the twins. They share Charlie’s paddock. (Did I mention that we’re boarding him down the road at a friend’s house? She has an arena and other horses who are teaching Charlie to be friendlier) These twins actually come from 2 different sets of parents, but they share strikingly similar characteristics. They are nearly identical in size, you have to spend a ton of time out there to see which one is smaller. They have identical leg markings, and their face markings are almost the same as well. And surprisingly, they are exactly the same shade of palomino.

But the little one is much friendlier. He wanted BigKid to reach out to him, but they couldn’t get their timing right, he’d reach when she wasn’t looking and vice-versa. This is the best picture I could get, because BigKid was much more interested in Charlie standing next to me.
BigKid is in love with this bunny. He is obviously a child’s bunny, he wants nothing to do with me, but he darts right over to BigKid as soon as she shows up.

Here are a couple of pictures from before the storm that interrupted my internet. The only thing I altered was their size. This rainbow was amazingly bright.
Or as BigKid calls it “raining-bow”

It’s a start.

Becomes this.
(Plus about 3C that I send with A when he went to work)

And with a little help,
Becomes this.
(And then some.)

We still have nearly a gallon left, hoping to get to that this afternoon and tomorrow.

Made you smile!

She does, doesn’t she?The other day, we discovered that kids 2 & under are free at Galaxyland at West Edmonton Mall. And apparently, their chaperones (since they are not tall enough to go alone) are free as well. Which means that we went on the carousel for free. And this one is much slower than the one in Paris. We were by ourselves, so this is the only picture I got, but she’s clearly much happier than she was on the horse in Paris. She was quite disappointed when our turn was over.

Yesterday she decided to get out the pouch Grammy made and cart her baby around just like Mommy carts her.
“See, I can bend and everything!”

She does not, however, like to hold still for very long.

And this morning, Andrew’s mom and I escaped at 7am and went and picked strawberries.
Between the 2 of us, we got 4 gallons in less than half an hour. Not too bad.
So today, I guess we’re making jam.

Birthday wishes from around the world.

This parcel actually arrived last week, but with the holiday weekend, the post office was closed for 4 days.

Some friends in Japan sent BigKid a nice birthday gift. She was so excited to get some mail just for her. Inside, she found a new purse with a bunny on it, a toy fan, a beautiful handkerchief and a little washcloth. She stuffed it all in her purse and demanded “PENNIES!” to put in there too. She loves her new purse, she was a little upset that I wouldn’t let her take it to bed.
Then she wanted to take a picture with a more realistic expression.