Trey came to play with us again today. There was some giggling and playing in the other room, then I heard “MOMMY! HIDING!”
Then I heard “Hiding! MOM!” He doesn’t seem to get that my name isn’t actually ‘Mommy.’
Cute though. They thought it was so funny that I would take their pictures under the door.

Here’s another funny thing. I look at my cats and I don’t see a huge size difference. Mostly because the only time they cuddle is when they are in my lap, and a lapful of cat is a lapful of cat. Then I dug out this bed again.

It’s a big bed.

And he is a BIG cat.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of Nemo pictures. He tore through the screen and the storm window in the basement and escaped. We see him from time to time and we keep a bowl of food out for him, but he doesn’t want anything to do with us. He runs and hides almost as soon as he sees us.
As you can see, Remy does not share those tendencies.

The bird feeder.

It’s an interesting place, really. And very educational. We have Pine Grosbeaks visit us in the Spring and Fall, and they are stunning. Dark-eyed Juncos herald the Spring. There are various other visitors throughout the Spring and Fall, and I do try to get a good picture of them but some are so jumpy.

These guys are used to me. They hardly fly off when I walk out the front door. They’re also very quick, so it’s hard to get a picture of their faces. These little birds will also land on my hand when I offer them some of Charlie’s grain on very cold days.
Black Capped Chickadees

The nuthatches got to know me last winter, and I don’t believe they ever left, so they’ll sit around and pose. I had to start using pre-shelled birdseed because they would sort all the millet out of the mix and leave it all over the porch. Andrew was not pleased. So far, nobody wastes any of this stuff, so it has the added benefit of lasting longer between refills.

This little guy is very timid. I had to stand very still next to the window for a long time to be able to get this picture. Not sure if it’s one of the ones that was here last winter or not, but it’s fun to see them so close. He’s a very tiny woodpecker. We also get big woodpeckers but they tend to stay in the trees. Or hammer on our furnace chimney. Whatever. Reminds me, I need to go get them a new suet bag.

Another play day.

Go figure. Seems like we have play days more often than non-play days.
We played Ring Around The Rosy

And then everyone fell down!

Then we needed a snack, because we played so hard.

What a fun day!

Today Trey came to play with us again, and he and BigKid had so much fun.
They went for a horseback ride,

They played peekaboo.
(and let’s climb all over the tower for an hour)

Then we built a fort and they were so very excited.

Then Trey climbed on top (where the tower was on it’s side) and fell through.

And they decided that that game was even better than having a fort.
You’ll notice that BigKid is much more cautious than Trey, who just plunked his bum down in the middle.

And then Trey went home and BigKid went to bed, and the cats got to play.
I guess Mooch likes the tunnel the best. Remy, apparently, just likes the blanket.

Your morning funny.

BigKid likes to eat cold cereal for second breakfast. This morning’s choice was raisin bran, because it has a picture of “cat food” on the front. (the scoops look just like our cat food scoop) And she was very excited because her cereal had yummy beans in it.

K: BigKid found a yummy bean!
Me: Honey, that’s a raisin.
K: No raisin, brown bean.
Me: Ok.

You just can’t argue with a 2 year old.


Lots of things happening around here. First thing that happened was I put my camera card into my card reader and then promptly lost it. It has been found, and someday soon those pictures will find their way onto this blog. Oh, I guess that wasn’t the first thing.

First thing was, I misstepped off our deck stairs on Halloween night when I took BigKid to look at the pumpkins and tore a bunch of ligaments in my ankle. So I’m splinted and hobbling around like a pro. Still working out the kinks in driving my 5-speed car with my clutch foot injured.

But we’ll figure it out. Family and critters are healthy and well, and we’ve started getting snow more frequently, and it appears that it will continue as such.

Happy Halloween!

BigKid got to go trick-or-treating this year. It’s a bit different here than what I grew up with. I grew up in a temperate climate where we didn’t need coats on Halloween. I also grew up in town, so we just walked to different houses. Here, the houses are sometimes miles apart, so we drive.
We do have some friends in town though, so we stopped there and snapped some pictures.

She won’t say “trick or treat” she just says “yes please candy”. But she’s cute enough that no one seems to mind.

Even Bailey got in on the act.

But she just had to stay home.