More Cheese.

I finally got smart and dug BigKid’s snow suit out of the box of clothes given to us by her Aunty and cousins. This night, it was probably -30 and we were putting up Christmas lights on the deck railing. When it was time to come in, I had to drag her screaming in, and even though I was frozen through, she was toasty except for her cheeks. Did not want to come inside one bit. She now refuses to wear a regular coat, only wants the “purple suit.”

Christmas morning. We set up the webcam so that Grammy, Papa, Aunty & Uncle could watch from Oregon. It was a big hit. BigKid was very excited about finally opening all the presents. She got a new baby with a pillow and pillowcase, and a matching pillowcase for her bed.

She got a spinny-toy that she’s been having tons of fun on. And you’ll notice her attire…
The nightgown was what she slept in. She also got a nice flowery skirt, polka-dotted pyjamas, and some slippers. And had to try them all on and wear them for a while.

Some cars for her car mat. Very exciting.

And then she stole Mommy’s presents too. Here you can see her modelling my new gardening hat, and dragging around the purse that Lindsay brought me from Morocco. Little turkey.

This is the picture that I got when she told me she wanted to cheese the camera.
This is New Year’s Eve. I was getting the house ready for the little party we had, and she disappeared for a bit. When I went to see what she was doing, this is what I found. Reading stories to the babies. She LOVES her books. Lately when I put her to bed, I have to tell her, “No books. Just sleeping time.” Or I’ll find 4 or 5 books in bed with her in the morning.

Again with Mommy’s clothes. She wanted to help Daddy play hockey. Looks like appropriate attire to me, don’t you think?