Twinkle little star.

I tried to get the full song, but as soon as I turn on the camera she thinks she needs to perform. Still awfully cute. **This video is about 30 seconds long, may not be dial-up friendly**

Here’s me again, 19 weeks and change puts me about halfway.
Carrying quite a bit smaller this time than I did with BigKid. Everything’s measuring properly, just more tucked in I guess. I keep telling people it’s the horse riding that tightens those core muscles.

Snapshot from Daddy’s phone, waiting for Mommy to get done in the grocery store. Too much cute for me to handle.

A trip down Memory Lane

Remember these?

How about these?

I’m going to have to dig the camera out this afternoon when we go feed Charlie. It’s been fairly warm here the last few days, so BigKid and I have been spending a bit of time outside in the sun. She is loving it. This morning, we shoveled part of the deck. Well, I shoveled, and BigKid put as much snow as she could back into the part I just shoveled. But we had fun and got some fresh air, and that was the point.

Back to the stone ages.

Well, our internet is out. Again. We’re very seriously considering switching providers, as this is getting ridiculous, we’ll see. So tonight I’m posting on dial-up. And ridiculously slow dial-up for that matter.

However, I know that some of you go into withdrawals when there are no new pictures. *cough*lindsay*cough* But you’re also going to have to put up with low-quality cell phone pictures, because my camera seems to have stowed away in Andrew’s work bag, and wasn’t home today when I was taking pictures.

Of course, that also means that all the other pictures I’ve been saving on my phone are finally on my computer too. So you finally get to see this one:

The world’s cutest ninja.
No, it’s not really that cold in our house, she’s just 2 and insistent about wearing her pretty things at every possible minute.
Here are the ones from today.
I made her pull her own sled while I pulled the hay wagon when we fed Charlie. She thought that was tons of fun.

Then I let her ride for a while. Something tells me that she won’t be so eager to pull it herself tomorrow. She’s come a long way, a couple months ago, she was scared to ride in it because she didn’t feel stable enough, today she was leaning over to drag her hands through the snow.

In other news, I’m feeling tons of kicks this week. This new baby seems well on it’s way to making my belly just as sore as it’s big sister did. Big sister got to go to the doctor with me on Monday and hear the baby’s heartbeat. She thought that was so cool, it was very cute.

Painty toes.

In case you haven’t noticed, my little girl is a very “girly” girl. Which is quite hilarious to some in my family, since I am very not. BigKid loves to wear dresses any time she has the chance, and insists on having “fancy” hair most days.

One thing she loves more than anything else, is having her toes painted. It started last July, just before a wedding we were going to, Aunty N came over and we all painted our toes for it. And now BigKid wants her “painty toes” all the time. She will even tell you, should you ask, that she has to “sit really still” for painty toes. We painted toes when Grammy was here, but BigKid picked a very pale blue sparkly color that was quite hard to see, so this time she wanted something brighter, apparently. This is what she picked.

Orange, with blue star “sprinkles.”Nevermind the sloppy painting, it’s hard to stay in the lines when the brush is bigger than the toenail. The outside the lines part washes off in the bath anyway.

Story time

BigKid thinks that Bailey needs stories. Bailey’s not so sure. She’d much rather get up and play most of the time. But you can see that BigKid has quite the audience anyway, even Remy, who is still trying to convince himself that Bailey is scary.

Pictures again. Hooray!

Mommy went to have a soak in the tub by herself the other night, and it looks like Double Trouble found the camera. How can you resist this cute?

BigKid’s been getting very excited about hockey (she is Canadian, after all.), so we decided to teach her some of the ropes. She thought this was hilarious.

My 2 crazy-haired girls yesterday morning. Bailey got a haircut while BigKid was napping, but I left her ears long, so she looks pretty funny.

And finally, because I know my Mom, at least, is chomping at the bit to see a picture of the belly, here it is.