We learned a new word.

Okay, maybe not a new word, but certainly a new application.

Long video for those on high speed, or who really have nothing else to do.

Short video for dial-up, or if you only want the most pertinent parts.

Why is the dog sleeping on my shoes?

Does she not have a nice squishy bed to sleep in?

Why yes, she does. But she also won’t make the cat get out of it.
And while she’s content to snuggle with the cat if the cat comes to her, she won’t go to the cat.

The snow finally melted enough to get to the swing set the other day. BigKid was so happy that she could finally “fwing” again. Of course, it’s snowing again this morning, but it seems to be warm enough that it won’t stick around for long. Of course I could be wrong. I was looking through old blog posts this morning and remembered that when we got home from Europe last year on April 22nd, we got home to about 2 feet of snow. Doesn’t look like we’re quite in for that today, but we’ll see.

So brave. Aunty Sharon stopped by this afternoon and wondered if we’d been somewhere special because BigKid was wearing this dress. BigKid doesn’t need a reason to wear a dress, she just likes to be “fancy.”

Cute story from this day though, we had actually been running errands in the city. BigKid was very excited to go to the city and kept asking when she’d get to play with toys, which I took to mean that she wanted to go to IKEA, because they have a toy section to play in. Apparently, I was wrong. When we were leaving the city, she informed me that she had wanted to go to “the other city. Where we listen to the baby.” My doctor’s office also has toys to play with.

For Papa.

This is a picture of placating a restless kid who just wants to go outside on a very cold, rainy day.
Painty toes again!

She likes color, this kid. My toenails are blue too, because Mommy had to match.

My little foreman.

First, Mommy made smoothies for breakfast.
And they were yummy.

Then we needed to work on finishing renos. That’s our project for while Daddy’s work is slowed down. BigKid really wanted to be in charge of the hammer, but I was able to talk her into a measuring tape and a pencil instead when I told her that she could be the foreman. She was thrilled.

Then we decided to have a walk. BigKid’s legs got tired, so she had to find a pack horse.
Look! Our snow is almost gone!

Our weekend

Saturday we went to BigKid’s Aunty & Uncle’s house for a visit and some yummy supper. Before supper though, the boys went for a quad ride and us girls all went to see Aunty’s horses.

BigKid found a stick on our walk.

And poked it in every puddle on the way back.

Then she got to sit on Fancy. She’d have got to go for a ride, but it’s spring time and the horses are a little bit riled up, so we thought it best to stay in one spot.

Sunday was Easter, of course, so we had a little egg hunt. She wasn’t sure how to figure that a bunny left eggs in the yard, but she was very excited to look for them. She’s still 2 and not terribly observant though, so she had to look pretty hard.

But she was very excited when she did find them!

And we dyed eggs. A little late, I know, but it was fun anyway.
She stirred the dye.

And she put some eggs in.

And stirred some more.

And then we took out the eggs and they were “SO BEAUTIFUL!”

So beautiful, in fact, that I couldn’t get her to give me anything buy goofy faces.

She just wanted to look at her eggs. For an hour after we were done, she just sat there at the table looking at her eggs.


Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

This is BigKid’s new shirt, she picked it out herself and she is so proud. Okay, technically, she picked the one that was 5 sizes bigger, but I made her get a smaller one because I knew she wouldn’t be happy waiting until it fit properly.
Playing on the deck the same day as the above picture, April 1st. Mommy & Daddy shoveled off most of the deck, and she has her little shovel and is doing her part too. We can’t keep her inside anymore. Notice the poor dog peering in at the gate. It’s funny now, most of the time, Bailey is a really happy-go-lucky sort of dog. We wonder if she’s even aware of her surroundings at times because she just misses so much. Not when her kid is outside though, she’s on high alert, letting all those scary birds know that they need to stay away.

And here’s the same dog a week later, tickled pink that one of her bones had reappeared from a snowbank. Of course, she still can’t let her kid out of her sight, so she sprints around the yard to find a good observation point where she can chew for a while.

And this is what the little girl was doing.
Short video clip here.

Splashing in the “bee-utiful mud.” We circled the driveway probably 10 times with her running for all she was worth through every puddle she could find. And, as you can see, came in with her pants dripping and her boots full of water. She thought that was hilarious.

And a bit longer video clip here, 12 seconds.

And finally, a picture from yesterday. Notice how the necessary attire has changed. It’s getting fairly warm now, we’re loving it.

I have to apologize for the terrible quality of the video clips, apparently my editing program kills the picture. I’ll have to see what I can do about that.

Want to see a picture of my insides?

Don’t worry, it’s just a little bit.

Had my ultrasound today, baby looks good, pretty squirmy though. Apparently quite shy as well, because most of the time it just had its back turned to the tech.

Or hiding its face with an arm, as you can see here.
And, sorry Great-Grampa, but there’s definitely only one in there this time too.