First things first.

We planted a bunch of the garden. Still a bit more to do, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get to it tomorrow. BigKid tried to help, then she had to stop and “dump the garden out of her shoes.”

Then she had to stop and have a little rest with our friend who is visiting.

That was Thursday. Friday, BigKid and I went to the zoo with some friends and had a fantastic time.

“A train for our very own? Thank you!”

I didn’t get a ton of pictures, because you just try getting a pair of almost-3-year-olds to hold still long enough for a camera to focus.

But we did get a few. The elephant actually takes (accompanied) walks around the zoo, apparently. We saw her from a ways away, but by the time we got there, she’d already been led back in her enclosure.

They couldn’t get their big heads through this railing to see her better. But they really wanted to.

She got to go on a pony ride again. There are about 7 horses there, but she managed to get the same one as last year.

Apparently this horse has different speeds according to how heavy the child is. BigKid is a lightweight, so she got a nice, slow ride.

And then she was tired. Both kids crashed on the ride home.
BigKid says her favorite animal at the zoo was the zebra, and he has black stripes and white stripes. Mommy thought this goose was quite interesting. It has beautiful sky-blue eyes.

Since it’s almost June.

And the snow seems to have stopped, I guess it’s time to put the garden in. Which means that first we have to clean it up. Someone is more than willing to help. And our local hardware store had some little kid-sized tools on sale the other day, so BigKid got her own big shovel. She loves it.
Here she is, trying to get Mommy & Bailey to hurry up.
You’ll notice also, the kid-sized gardening gloves, courtesy of the same store. They’re a touch big, but they have ladybugs on them, and that makes up for the size discrepancy, apparently.

She found this little patch of sand where the mole came up after the turnips last year (that’s the only thing it touched!), and wouldn’t budge. Not a ton of help that way, but not so much in the way either. She seems to have gotten over her dirt phobia.

Her faithful followers, always on the look out. Then we ate lunch on the deck because it was such a beautiful day. And because she was very, very dirty.

Can’t believe I haven’t shared some of these.

Somebody got her face painted for the first time. There was another little girl getting a butterfly painted on her face, so we looked at the pictures of options.
BigKid decided she wanted to be a tiger.

Of course, she’s asked me to put her kitty back every few days since. Here’s Mommy’s version. The most important part is the “shwishers.”

And, every kitty needs a kitty friend that they can brush and snuggle. You can’t tell by the picture, but Remy just loves when BigKid brushes him.


Yesterday, we went to Costco, and the firemen were there with a couple of trucks set up so kids could investigate. They also gave the kids little hats and sticker books. BigKid was more than willing to chat with them and have a new hat, but no way was she wanting to get in that big truck. She was just sure that they’d start it while she was in there and the noise would be scary. There were some policemen there with their car as well, and one of them commented on the little “movie star” who didn’t want to take off her sunglasses. She wasn’t sure why the rest of us thought that was funny.

Of course, you have to wear your new fire hat to feed the horse.

And finally, since I know it’s been a long time since the last picture, here I am at 28 weeks, this morning. I think this baby is holding onto my spine, I can’t remember things being so squished with BigKid. Even if I’m hungry standing up, there is no room for food once I sit down.

We regret to inform you

That we had a fantastic weekend, but we forgot real cameras. So all we have are low-quality cellphone pictures. Better than nothing, right?

Friday and Saturday were spent with a whole bunch of the rest of the Midgett clan. We had a family reunion outside Olds. Much fun was had, stories were told, and we met some fantastic people we hadn’t met before. No pictures from there, but if you picture BigKid in a sand pit, that’s pretty much the gist of it. We had to drag her out of there every time we wanted her out, and we could hardly get her to eat 3 bites of a meal before she was wanting to go back and play.

Sunday, we headed up from there to outside of Rocky Mountain House to go quadding in the foothills with Andrew’s cousin, Mark, and his wife, Kim. We had a great time, and Andrew thought to take some pictures with his phone.

We don’t have any from starting out, only from mid-ride.
The quads, waiting while we all stretch and take in the view. Off to the right of this picture is a fire-lookout tower. Baseline, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. The view is stunning, as well it should be from this elevation. Roughly 1900 meters. By the end of the day, the nearest quad will have been rolled, the furthest will have a flat tire, and the one just this side of the far end will have been flooded. But not by me.

And not by me, because I don’t do those things most days, but we’re extra careful when we’re carrying extra excitement (aka: little kid). We stay on logging roads and well-established trails to minimize our impact on the environment and keep those views spectacular. BigKid loves to ride on Mommy’s back, but she says Daddy’s quad is scary. We switched her for a while when my back got tired, and she wasn’t happy about it. We think it’s a combination of her being overtired from nap refusal, and the poor girl can’t see anything over his shoulders.
On the next peak. We rode up on the back of Andrew’s quad from the bigger trail. Didn’t want to take all 4 machines up, and it wasn’t far. While we were up here, we could look back at the newer fire tower, and we could see on another peak, what looked like a big gazebo. We decided it must’ve been the old lookout, though it wasn’t a tower.

After they dropped BigKid and I off at the truck so she could have a bit of a nap, they went up to check it out. Andrew has a book about old fire towers in Alberta, and he’s always been fascinated by a story about a man who was in the same tower for so long (20 or 30 years), that he chiseled the last 18 steps out of solid rock. But, he can never remember the name of that lookout, or where it is.

He’s not likely to forget now! How funny that we’d just been discussing it, and that’s the one they found. And sure enough, 18 steps chiseled into the mountain. Pretty impressive.

The view from there.

And this is what we woke up to on Monday morning. We were optimistic about Andrew’s chances of getting called to fight wildfires soon when we spotted 4 fires from that lookout. Not so much after 2 extra feet of snow, things are pretty wet now.

*edit* One quad got drowned when Mark wanted to see why the trail had moved away from a big puddle (this was the only “wreck” BigKid and I saw, and she thought it was hilarious. “Silly Uncle!”). Turns out it was because the puddle is deeper than a quad. One tire got blown when someone hit a sharp rock in the trail, and the other quad rolled/tipped on a wonky angle in the trail. No one was hurt, all the quads made it home, and the boys were happily muddy and declared the day a success.


This is the view out my window from 12:10pm today.
Yes, 10 minutes after noon. This is an important picture, because…

Here’s the view from 1:05pm.

Seriously. This is why we don’t plant the garden yet.

The sweetest girl

Yesterday was my check-up. Everything measures just right, and the heartbeat is good & strong. BigKid goes to my check-ups with me because she just LOVES to listen to the baby, and it’s only a few minutes for her to sit still. Yesterday, she had the doctor and I both tearing up. Definitely a nurturer. She snuggled up to me while the doctor was listening to the baby, and was smiling and whispering little encouragements to me. So sweet.

We also went to Costco yesterday, in search of good produce, and some oatmeal. Well, we totally forgot the oatmeal, but we got lots of produce, and picked up one of these.
I’ve been wanting one forever, and there is an instant rebate right now for about 1/3 of the price, so I couldn’t pass that up.

BigKid was thrilled because that means there’s a big new box to play in.

A little girl and her critters.

Good grief she’s getting to be such a big kid these days.

First up, Remy.
“Wait, wait, wait. I need a fix something.”

Almost ready.
“Okay, ready! Cheese!”
We don’t get to see Remy’s face, because every time she lets him peek, he gets up and walks away.

And, her Bailey. All day long, she talks about her Bailey.

“You take a picture. I lay down like Bailey.”
As you can see, Bailey just hates this.

** Note: There are easily accessible places that the cats (and dog) can get away from a small child in our house. But since Remy chooses not to escape, and actively searches out child-maulings, I don’t feel bad for him in the least. **