Is it Spring yet?

It’s getting pretty warm these days. Well, relatively, I suppose. Just above freezing during the day, not too far below at night. BigKid went out to run today and discovered a new trick.

She can walk across the snow all over the yard. If she gets too excited and starts running, her foot goes through just far enough to catch her toe and trip her. Which, of course, she thinks is hilarious. This is her a long way across the yard, and me hoping she doesn’t fall all the way through because I was on the deck in my socks.

This poor kid never gets to have any fun.

Lest you think that the snow isn’t very deep anymore, I went out there and walked across it after she was done, and promptly sank down to my knees.

On the level

All the how-to photography lessons say that to get great pictures of your kids, you have to get down on their level. They neglect to mention how you’re supposed to keep the fingerprints off your lens. It’s really hard to focus when someone keeps grabbing the end of your camera. Or grabbing your face and smooshing their eye up to the lens so they can look at you too. My camera won’t even take pictures that close.

Sometimes, I end up with something kinda silly.

“Oh. I was just lookin’ at all these boots. I wasn’t going to put them on and track dirt all over the house. Nope, I’d never do something like that.”

“Mom! What are you doing on the floor?!”

“Okay, I’ll lay down too. What are we doing down here?”

“Can I have that thing?”

Notice my hand on her belly, trying to keep her far enough away for the camera to actually take the photo.

“Hahahaha! Now I’m bigger than you!”

“Can’t catch me!”

Once in a while though, you can get her to slow down enough to get an action shot that isn’t completely blurred. But you’ve got to be really quick with the shutter release.

Les artistes

A few days ago, BigKid decided that she wanted to paint. Since she was up before SmallKid, I decided that I’d let her do a little painting while I was making breakfast.

Here’s her first painting.

Then someone small woke up and saw that her big sister was having fun without her, so we had to rig up some gear for her too. She didn’t get quite as many colors to use, but since she was really only interested in the red, it didn’t matter too much.

I am so good, I don’t even need to look.

See? This is lots of fun.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the easel…

Finger painting! (SmallKid was appalled that I would suggest she touch that icky stuff with her fingers.)

BigKid was very excited that she could paint with her fingers. But notice that she didn’t let herself get too dirty. Weird children.


Last swimming day.

At least until the new set of lessons next week. 

Then I made her come home and make supper for us. Poor, overworked child.

Really it was “Mom, are you ready yet?” A billion times while I grated the cheese (with the Kitchen Aid) and sliced meat and whatnot.

Pudding tarts.

Grandma came over the other day and helped the kids make pudding tarts. Well, BigKid helped and SmallKid mostly just sat there looking disgusted. She does that really well. 

BigKid’s exploded a little bit.


SmallKid didn’t know what to do with this thing.


But she figured she’d try it, just a little. 


And she decided that it wasn’t so bad, after all.



Your last entry was 6 days ago…
Hmm. Better fix that, I guess. My updating and rebuilding got a little bit derailed by sick children. But they are on the mend and having nap/quiet time, so I can get back to work, I guess. 
Slowly but surely, because it looks like Spring is coming. Our forecast says that we should get above freezing temperatures every day this week. That means that I need to go finish the trench I dug around the chicken coop. I started digging a few days ago, have to get the snow down so I can turn the electric fence back on and let them out again. Also had to dig a bit further out, don’t want any hungry foxes thinking they can just jump over that wire! 
I’ll spare you the cute but seriously disgusting pictures of a child who smeared a nasty substance all over her face while my back was turned. It is, however, extremely hard not to laugh when SmallKid sneezes and BigKid screams “BOOGERS!” at the top of her lungs. 
And, finally, here are the pictures.
This dog has a really hard life, I tell you. She has to suffer through this treatment for hours a day. I’m not sure how she survives, to be honest. 
Hi. I feel yucky. Don’t bother me, I’m watching cartoons.

I feel yucky too. 

Yep. Still yucky.


Oh. Hi dere. I had a good sleep, and now I feel better. 


See? I found a smile even. 


Spaghetti night

Nobody here likes spaghetti. 
I said nobody. I don’t think they buy it. They’d eat “noodles with sketti” for every meal if I’d make it that often. Come to think of it, that’d probably save a lot of money and tons of time off meal planning. 
We found a new playgroup that we’re really enjoying. The kids are fantastic and most of them seem to be the same ages as my kids. And the moms are awesome too, which is a big draw for me. Here you can see how tired they are after a few hours of playing. You can also see how they squash themselves into Grandma F.’s chair that I recovered a few months ago. 
I’m still working on getting all the kinks out here, and rebuilding, because all my backups are useless. Bear with me though, I’m trying to keep things up to date while I’m fiddling.