Evening things out.

Because I have no pictures this time.

Today, we went to the waterpark. No pictures, because I don’t have any waterproof cameras. If anyone wants to remedy that situation, you just let me know.

I packed the clean swim suits I could find, since we just went swimming a few days ago and I don’t do laundry quite that frequently. Especially when there are perfectly acceptable alternative clothing choices.

Apparently, acceptable is a relative term. SmallKid pitched a royal fit like I have never seen from her when she saw what swimming suit I had for her. It was not the new one with the popsicles, and it was completely unacceptable. Once she figured out that it was for a good cause, she settled down.

We played and splashed and got pushed around by the waves for about 3 hours before it was time to get going. Of course, by this time, BigKid had relaxed and was getting into trying out the little kiddy slides. Then she discovered the bigger kid slides. She went down the one by herself with no prompting. I was amazed. Then, just when she finally figured out how to get to the other one, it was time to go. I really don’t understand why the lifeguard wouldn’t let her go down it, since the guard was up on the platform when she got there, but I don’t work there. I told her we’d go back soon and she could try then, now that she knows how to get up there.

But, 3 hours of swimming and sliding makes for a tired, hungry girl who has no patience for rules or the schedules of others. So there was an epic tantrum on that end as well. Then I said that magic word, “pizza” and all was right with the world once again.

Wow, that’s a lot of pictures.

They made short work of the easter baskets. Then we headed outside. BigKid was up and dressed and had her shoes waiting at the back door before the rest of us woke up this morning. In my defense, I got up and took a walk at about 5am.

So exciting. SmallKid doesn’t really get the whole bunny thing yet, of course, but she is all over candy and egg hunting. She was snitching candy all over the place today.

I found one!

We’ll just ignore the one in the tree there to the left.

Because I see one over here!

I’ll just tuck that in here.

This kid is so sweet. We told her that she needed to save some of the easy ones for SmallKid.

But that the high up ones were all hers.

Then SmallKid’s legs got tired, so she & Daddy sat on the deck and watched BigKid hunt. Except that Daddy was poaching the eggs out of SmallKid’s basket and throwing them out on the lawn for BigKid (they were plastic eggs). I was laughing so hard walking around with her, because she would cross over the same spot we’d crossed a dozen times before, but there’d be an egg this time and she’d say, “How did I miss that?!” Poor SmallKid was feeling a bit ripped off though, I think.

See, I have all the eggs.

But what’s this?


It has my name! And it’s my favorite color orange!

This is a wooden egg made by the lovely people at Imagination Kids. There are 6 of them in a rainbow of colors. SmallKid’s name is on the purple one. The girls spent most of the rest of the morning running around the living room hiding and finding eggs over and over again.

That darn rabbit.

tracked dirt all over my house.

He started at the back door,

Tracked sand around the table to this cupboard,

And put his dirty paws on the table and to eat the carrots we left on the table.


BigKid woke me up very early this morning to tell me that “Easter” (she thinks that’s the bunny’s name) left a blue egg on the carrot plate. “And he got dirt on the table, Mommy, but I cleaned it up.”

This is what we found when I finally convinced BigKid that maybe he went to that cupboard for a reason, and not just to go over there.

More pictures and video to come, but naptime is almost over and I have more things that need to get done!



Saturday we had some friends over for lunch and an egg hunt.

First, there was dress-up. Some people kept their dress-up clothes on much longer than everyone else.

The egg hunt was a lot of fun, kids running every which way trying to figure out where the eggs had been hidden.

Notice all the rubber boots. Those were actually necessary. The yard looks quite dry, but we found out when we went to hide eggs (in our sandals) that it’s much wetter than it looks.

Only a few patches of snow left though, in the shady spots.

The rubber boots I have for this kid are too tight and they hurt her feet. I need to go downstairs and bring up the next size, but the crocs do alright for now.

After we’d found all the eggs, we played tag for a while, and played ball.

Played with bubbles for a very long time.

Lounged in the sun for a while.

All in all, a good day. It’s so nice to be able to spend more time outside without our parkas.

A teaser.

Because I have a million photos and it’s late and I got up at 530 to put the turkey in this morning.

This is serious business.


This? This is not serious business.

Easter eggs!

Here’s what we started with. The 6 on the right are mine. Yes, one of them is off-color, that’s one that our hens laid, it’s actually a really light blue, but the color doesn’t come through well.

Added a bit of this.

And a whole lot of this.

Then we had to wait. The waiting is the hard part.

But, before you know it,

You end up with this!

We decided to leave SmallKid out this year, we waited until she was in bed. She can help next year, when she will hopefully understand why you shouldn’t splash or dump the water.


When BigKid went to stay at Grammy’s & Papa’s last summer, she came back full of tales of Grammy’s “kid vacuum” and has been begging for her own ever since. I finally found one the other day for a reasonable price. Made the kid happy and keep the house cleaner all in one. It’s a good deal all around, I think.

Except that now SmallKid thinks she needs one too.



This evening, we had a forced march. Or, well. I told them to put on shoes and they dragged me out of the house. I figured a little fresh air between supper and bedtime would help everyone sleep better. We took a walk down to the neighbor’s driveway and back, which was a pretty good walk for SmallKid. BigKid spent most of it running back and forth, so she probably quadrupled the distance. Then when we got back in the yard, they ran and ran some more.

And some more.

One more time?

What’s over here?

Uh oh.

Mom! Look what SmallKid did!

What do you mean, I can’t keep running with only one shoe? Oh, a bath? Okay!