A day at the lake!

I have very few pictures of BigKid from Sunday. She is so very busy, it’s hard to get a good shot.

I have this one. From when we finally got her to stop moving. Of course, she stopped moving because the rain was coming so we made her come get stuff packed away.

This one’s a little easier. She’s content to sit and shovel. She doesn’t need to run back to the lake every 10 seconds for more bugs.

As an aside… Why are bugs in the house and yard so hysterics-inducing, but earthworms and bugs in the lake are the coolest things ever? I cannot understand.

Look at that little sandy bum! She thought she’d run down to the water like the big kids. Then she decided it was too cold, so she came back to fill shoes with sand.

What are you gonna do about it?

Then we went up for supper and warm clothes. And someone discovered that her jacket has pockets, so she can be a cool dude.


Straight out of camera shot. All I did was crop and resize. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this camera.

These kids wear me out.

This is what we saw on our way home from swimming lessons on Monday.

A cow moose and her yearling calf.

They weren’t thrilled that we stopped to take pictures.

This one likes pictures. Those plants are out getting a drink before transplanting. Except that they haven’t been transplanted yet. I’ll get to it, but other things have to happen first. Like finishing that flower bed, and putting new spark plugs in the rototiller-tractor so that I can start it and till up the garden.

And, you know. Playing in sprinklers with adorable kids.

Today, I put up the slide Andrew brought home last week. The kids were so excited. It appears that there was a slide there at some point in the past, because there’s a bit of a divot in the ground where the end of the slide is.

We’ll just pretend that she stopped at the end, okay. Not that she planted her feet and went sprawling across the grass. Then she jumped up, yelled, “THANKS, MOM, FOR FIXING MY SLIDE!” And was off again. It’s impossible to convey the bounciness of that statement in mere text.

I also fixed the door to the chicken coop today, so that next time we have a big wind, the door won’t fall off and I won’t have to chase chickens around the yard again. I’ll spare you the picture of the coop door. It’s not very exciting, and the hinges are not evenly spaced because the bottom part of the door is rotten. I’ll be building a new coop later this summer. A proper one, with a real floor and actual nest boxes. My chickens won’t know what to do with themselves if they don’t have to just find a straw bale somewhere.

The egg report:

With 8 grown hens, we’re averaging 5 or 6 eggs per day. It fluctuates, but we’re doing pretty well. One of the hens managed to get injured by something and is now missing a foot. She’s otherwise healthy, and has become quite gentle and tame with all my poking and prodding. She’s doing very well, but I don’t know yet if it will effect her egg laying. I am going to keep her around anyway, because I really like her, and she’ll be a good one for kids to pet. I’m also going to be getting 4 or 5 more of the blue egg layers in July, which should even the numbers out a bit, colorwise. Of course, the injured bird lays blue eggs.

11 eggs, 4 from today and 7 from yesterday. Not too shabby.

Happy Mother’s Day

It was such a beautiful day today, we decided to spend some time outside. First, some people took a walk. 

Of course, then she saw that I had the camera and had to do some posing.

“Are you taking my picture, Mom?!”

“Take one of me doing this!”

This one got in on the walking, but she isn’t quite up to posing on one foot just yet. Mostly, she just wants to race over and look at herself on the camera screen before I’m even done taking the picture.

They played some ball, throwing and kicking it around the yard for a while.

That big sand patch is where we tore out some bushes last summer, there was a big trench left, and Andrew’s been working hard at filling it in with sand and getting grass seed planted. I was just going to start calling it a moat. I have enough shoveling and raking in my future.

Can you hear the sound effects for this one?

It sounds like “bbbrrrrrooommmmm bbrrroooooommmm.”

Then they decided they needed a break, so BigKid went and got the chairs out of the clubhouse. SmallKid went with her, but didn’t chance the ladder. (Thank goodness. She already got herself a new bruise on her forehead this morning when she smacked a chair throwing a fit.)

The sun was maybe a little bright.

Then Grandma came for a visit and to pick up some eggs from our chickens. She’s taking them home to put into her incubator. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Shovels and rakes

and implements of destruction.

I haven’t been blogging. This is bad, I know. But I’m going to show you what’s taking up all my time. Well, I’m going to show you a little bit. Because it’s so muddy and gross that I can’t bring myself to take my camera out there and risk losing it in the mire.

The ground is really, really wet here. The snow is gone in all but the most shady places, but the water is still hanging around. Not really helping that is the fact that it keeps raining. At least we won’t have a drought this year, right?

See the monstrosity in the middle there? It is 75 feet around, shaped like a kidney, and there were about 6 plants in it. So much open space for the weeds to take over. Most of the flower beds here are just like that, I can’t even begin to imagine how much time was spent weeding before we moved in. I hate weeding. I am turning that thing into something that I hopefully won’t have to do too much to maintain. The only thing that I haven’t ripped out or otherwise decimated was the rhubarb. That can stay. However, instead of being in the middle, where I can’t get to it for fear of sinking into the bog and never being seen again. I am also planning on planting several types of perennial herbs and self-seeding flowers and such. Things that largely maintain themselves. I’m also shrinking it by probably half. It will no longer be kidney shaped, but a sort of squared-off-rectangle-ish-rhombusy thing. Yanno, as close as I can get by eyeballing it.

Looks pretty pathetic, doesn’t it. The tiny red buds sticking out next to that old edger are the rhubarb. Imagine that the blocks now are running between the rhubarb and the edger, and the far side is sitting where you see that line of dirt way in the back there. The left side is currently at the edge of the grass and the right side is going to be moved in to the edge of the grass on that side. Much more manageable. I’m going to put down 2 rows of those blocks to raise the soil about 8 inches, so hopefully everything won’t drown if we get another spring like the one we have this year.