Just imagine listening to this in one long string with no pauses to breathe, and it’ll almost be just like listening to BigKid. (Italics for Mom’s commentary)

Oh, hi. Did you know that I’m five? I am. I have been waiting to be five for a very long time. Did you know that when I am five, I get to go to school, and I get to ride the bus with my friend M who lives next door? It’s true. And I’m five now. Amn’t I, Mom? (Amn’t is one of her favorite words.)

Today was my birthday party. I didn’t have my party on my real birthday because people couldn’t come that day. And then, on the first day we wanted to have my party, I got sick and my eyes were hurting and yucky, so we had to make my party be another day so that my friends wouldn’t get yucky eyes too. But today, my eyes are all better, and I won’t make my friends sick, so it was my party day and my friends came to play with me and we had cake.

This is my cake that Mommy made. It has Dora on it. I did all the sprinkles. Do you like them? I love them. They are red and pink and white heart shape sprinkles, and I put them in Dora’s brown hair that Mommy made, and I put some on her cheeks, don’t you like them? They’re beautiful.

We had a pinata at my party. It was a pink unicorn pinata, and it was all filled up with candy. Her name is Sparkles, and she’s my favorite unicorn. Then we smashed her with a stick and got all her candy out. (You can’t make this up. This is what she told me the day we bought the pinata. “she’ll be my favorite unicorn until we smash her candy out with a stick!)

Oh, look at this picture! Somebody hit her leg off, and her candy is almost coming out! Look! There’s some on the ground!

This is my baby sister. Her name is Abigator. She’s just little, she doesn’t know how to play this. And it’s a big stick, so maybe it’s too heavy for her. But she’s going to try anyway. Yay, SmallKid!

Oh! She did it! Good job, SmallKid!

Oh, now we came inside for cake! I love cake. I had orange and purple candles. Orange is my favorite color, and purple is SmallKid’s favorite color, isn’t it, SmallKid? Yes it is! Yes it is! Everybody singed a song for me and then I got to blow out all the candles that were on my Dora cake. Do you like my Dora cake? My Mom made it for me.

SmallKid had some cake too, but she didn’t eat very much. Mom said that was because SmallKid was so tired. All the big kids went outside after cake, but SmallKid stayed inside and she told my Mom that she wanted to go to bed. She’s so silly! Then, when everybody was going back to their own houses, SmallKid woke up and came out of her room and was mad because we were being so noisy. But I wasn’t sleepy, because I’m five.

I like cake a lot. Did you see my cake? It has Dora on it. My Mom made Dora on my cake with frosting. It’s so yummy. We had ice cream too. Then we went outside and ate some more candy that came out of Sparkles, my pink unicorn pinata.

After we went outside, we came in again to open presents. Mommy and Daddy gave me this awesome lunchbox for my school. It has a kitty on it! I wanted this one SO MUCH. I’m going to take it to Kindergarten because I’m five. Mom, do I get to go to Kindergarten tomorrow? Mom says I have to wait until after SmallKid turns two. That’s a long time! I already had to wait until I’m five!

Maybe I got a little bit tired while I was opening my presents, because my friend T had to help me. He was pretty excited about the present he brought. It was horses! And Dora books! I love horses and Dora! And books! (She was nearly passed out in her chair, we had to keep reminding her that she was supposed to be doing something. It was hilarious.)

And then it was time for everyone to go home, and Mom said no I can’t have any more candy, and it’s time for me to go to bed now. I think that it’s not time to go to bed yet, because I’m not sleepy enough for that yet, but I had a really, really, really good day. Maybe I can have cake for breakfast! Can I, Mom? (Um, no.)


I kid you not, this is how she talks. And I’m not sure how she isn’t chronically oxygen-deprived, because most of the time, she doesn’t seem to take a breath. But it’s pretty fun to listen to her perspective on life.

SmallKid would like to say, in parting,

“don’t mind me, I’m just gonna take this for a drive.”

When I got out of the shower yesterday, my house was empty. It was not empty when I went in there, so I did a little searching, and this is what I found. 

Papa and two little girls, standing in the ditch, watching the grader work on the other road.

See what the rain has done to our garden weed patch? It rained enough to make everything happy, but it’s still too wet to get in there and weed without sinking halfway to my knees.


Saturday was a small local-ish rodeo. First of the season.

Some people were very intent on the horses.

Then there was a whole lot of racing and jumping and running and craziness with the little girls we were sitting next to. And before we knew it…

Someone was so sleepy. After she laid down for about 5 minutes though, she was ready to go again.

So we went for face painting. BigKid was adamant that she be painted “like an orange lion.”

Little Miss Doesn’t-Talk made sure that she patted her chest and pointed at the paints enough that we figured out that she wanted a turn too. And then about 100 times after that as well. When I asked her what she wanted, she pointed at her cheek. So that’s what she got.

BigKid got her orange lion. I have about 6 pictures of her, she was so excited.

SmallKid got a little hibiscus. She was absolutely thrilled, she kept patting it all afternoon.

Dandelion safari

Hi! It’s been very sunny. We have been spending a ton of time outside.

Obviously, no one enjoys it.


I blind you with my pasty belly!

And then I win the race!

What do you mean, I have popsicle on my face? I don’t know what you’re talking about.




One of these days…

I’m going to have time to update this blog regularly. Probably sometime around October, when temperatures and darkness drive us back inside and keep us there after the kids go to bed. These days, I put the kids to bed and go back out to work in the yard for another 2 or 3 hours, then it’s time to come in again, but I’m ready for bed by then.


Today, while SmallKid was napping, I took BigKid out to visit the chickens. They’re going to be getting a new coop in the next few weeks, and a bigger yard to run in as well. Since the rooster became a meal for the local fox (after I tried to put him in a pen separate from the hens), I don’t have to worry about kids getting attacked when they go out there, and we let the girls out of their little yard into the corral. They seemed to like it. BigKid loved it.

This is Agnes, the little hen one-legged hen. She has decided that people are pretty good. She likes to cuddle and she likes to be petted, and she follows us around the yard. Her favorite thing is dandelion leaves.


You’d never guess that asparagus is one of this kid’s favorite foods. Of course, I’m sure she doesn’t believe that she’s holding asparagus either.

Peekaboo! This is her new favorite place to be when I’m cooking.

Today, while SmallKid was napping, BigKid and I planted a whole bunch of stuff in the garden. We planted 9 rows of potatoes (maybe 150 plants?) 4 different varieties. 4 orange pepper plants, and a whole lot of tomatoes. We still have a lot to do.

BigKid loved it, of course. She told me “sitting in the dirt is the best part.”