Because it’s late. And I have 3 dozen photos to sort and resize and upload, and I don’t want to be up even later.

A picnic at the lake

We went out to the lake for a picnic this afternoon. We ended up at a lake we’d never been to before, and I think we’ll be back. It was nearly as warm as bath water, which is a nice change from all the other ice cold lakes around here. And it’s a bit out of the way, so it’s not nearly so crowded as some of the others. Well taken care of, as well.

SmallKid was so funny. About 2 minutes after this picture, I’d stripped off her dress because she was soaked, and she was just floating around in her diaper. She would plant her hands on the ground and let her legs float up. I think they both had a great time, even though BigKid was quite perturbed that we didn’t bring shovels and buckets.

Canada Day!

We decided that we would go to the parade for Canada Day.

Parades are very exciting. Really, they are. The best part about parades in a tiny town? When they get to the end of the route, they all turn around and come back. So you get candy twice.

BigKid was too scared to stand there by herself, so I had to go sit with her. So not very many pictures from the parade. She was very excited, though, when one of the firefighters threw candy straight into her bag. She was pretty hard to keep on task without any competition for her candy, that was funny for the rest of us.

One float was throwing out hats, I think she was more excited about this silly thing than she was about the candy.