The first school lunch

Then the box wouldn’t fit in the lunch bag, and I wasn’t sure if it would be enough food, so I had to revamp. Same stuff, different order.

BigKid may be narrating the first day of school post tomorrow. Prepare yourselves for excitement dialled up to 11.

Happy Birthday Party, SmallKid!


SmallKid didn’t make any special requests, so she got a pretty basic cake. She was thrilled.

First, there was playing. Hours and hours of playing. Do you see the little goofball bouncing on the yellow ball wearing her bike helmet?

Yep, there’s the one, right there. We’re using this little bike as a walking bike for the time being, to let her get used to the feel of it. When she can reach the pedals, then I’ll put the training wheels back on if she needs them.


The bubbles were a big hit until they got knocked over. But they’re easy to replace, and now I get to tweak the recipe a bit better.

She didn’t want to blow out the candles, but she seemed pretty excited about the cake.


The other day, I decided to try a recipe that I found online. Something I do fairly often, but I’ve never tried this particular one before. Or, for that matter, many non-edible recipes. Although, I suppose this one’s edible if you’re desperate, it’s non-toxic, at least. I can’t find the link I followed, but the basic recipe was

6 quarts of water
1C light corn syrup
1/2C Dawn dishwashing liquid

Which I promptly adjusted down to 1.5C water, 1/4C light corn syrup and 2tbsp Dawn.

Stir together the corn syrup and water until it’s clear, then very slowly and gently stir in the Dawn.

It turned out okay. (It’s the one on the right.) I didn’t have any light corn syrup, and it turns out that light in colour is not equal to light in essence. The bubbles had a bit too much spring in them, which is exactly the opposite of the normal problem, but has the same effect of no bubbles. So I dumped out about a quarter cup of the solution and added more water and about a teaspoon of soap. Which works considerably better, but probably still not as good as if I’d had the right corn syrup. Hey, I figured I was doing pretty good to even have some in the cupboard. I think it’s been sitting there unopened for about 6 years.

The girls are happy with it, anyway, which was the entire point.

This is my silly, trying to catch bubbles face. She also is trying to say “bubble”, which puts her up to about 10 words. Darn kid.

Camping, part 2.

The first thing my kids did when we got to the campground was get out their new buckets (thanks, Great-Grandma!) and start digging in the dirt. There are lots of rocks as well, and those seem to be even better in the minds of my little girls.


Hey, guys! Everyone else went down this path over here. Wanna go?



Oh, man! Look at all these rocks!





A brief interlude between camping posts

Because today was “Meet the Bus” day. BigKid got a letter in the mail the other day from the school district, inviting all the new students to come and learn the rules of the bus and go for a little ride and have juice and cookies after.


We are extremely unhappy about meeting the bus. Extremely.

Me too! Me too!


We found a friend waiting for the bus too.

I get to ride too! Without my buckles!
Why, no, I won’t scoot back so you can have an undistorted picture.


They scarfed the cookies before I could get a picture, but they were bus shaped and they had yellow frosting. It was pretty cute.

Camping, part 1.

How many men does it take to put up an awning? Depends on how fast you want it done, I guess.

Hi. Don’t let this smiley face fool you. I have every intention of spending the next four days being terribly cranky and refusing to get out of the Ergo. I will refuse all attempts to get me to sleep as well, because I might miss something.

Maybe I’ll have a little swim. But only because I see that everyone else is very excited about it, and it’s really hot. “brrr” But, I’ll have you know, I am much cooler than you. I mean, really. Look at my cool dude glasses.

I have been misled! This water is COLD! I’m not swimming in this.

You are the meanest Mommy ever for making me put my feet in this water.

Papa in shorts. Isn’t that one of the signs of the zombie apocalypse? I’m sure it must be. You’ll notice that he’s not getting in the water though.

Time for a little snuggle with Great-Grampa. I have no idea what they’re inspecting. Rocks, I imagine.

More to come, but it’s getting late, and I have to get up early tomorrow to get to the farmer’s market before all the good stuff is sold out.


Hot, hot, hot.

 It is really hot at Great-Gramma and Great-Grampa’s house. Well, hot for us. This necessitates lots of water playing.

 What is this thing Great-Gramma got me?

 A water squirter?!

*cue diabolical laughter*

 Danger, Will Robinson.