Little Red Wagon

So here’s the start of the cabinet changing. There is all this wasted space above my cabinets, and I want to use it. So I’ve now removed all of the facing and trim and we’re still working on those pieces that are stuck to the ceiling, because there are about 40 times more nails in them than is actually necessary, and it’s a lot of nail pulling and trying to ensure minimal damage to the ceiling.

This picture isn’t the greatest, it’s a last-minute shot with my phone because the camera was in the truck. That cabinet that’s hanging off the end? Gone now. It makes the kitchen look like we took out an entire wall, it’s amazing.

School is going really well for BigKid, she loves it so much. She comes home every day and tells me that she had a great day and she tells me about her new friends and pops out with random french words throughout the day. It’s pretty entertaining. SmallKid likes having one on one time with me too, though she really wants to ride the bus. She’s finally started making an effort to talk, now that her sister isn’t around all the time to talk over her.

Thursday, SmallKid and I went to the library while BigKid was at school. SmallKid has finally stopped trying to unload shelves every time we go, so she got to sit and color a bit while I looked for some books, and then we watched the fish tank and she picked a couple of books as well. We stopped at a garage sale on the way home and got 4 cast iron pans (in incredible condition) for $25. Which was an excellent deal in itself, but we also got this little wagon for 50 cents. I have been trying to find one of these wagons since BigKid was little, and they always go so fast. And usually cost a lot more. SmallKid is thrilled. BigKid loves the cup holders.

Neither of them would look at me here. BigKid just got off the bus, and she was exhausted. SmallKid was too excited that BigKid was home.



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I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures lately, been pretty busy. We’re doing a mini-reno on the kitchen, so I’ll have pictures of that pretty soon.

In the meantime, the sandhill cranes are migrating.

Down by the bay

Or the little river. Whatever. We decided to take a little drive over to the local beach and see what kind of damage is there from the flooding we’ve had. It wasn’t terrible. The shoreline has changed quite a bit, as has the course of the river, and some of the banks are just gone, but there’s still a nice little beach there. You have to walk in now instead of driving though, because the road is so wet that it’s impassable on a vehicle.

SmallKid was largely unimpressed to start. That stuff we made her sit on looks suspiciously like dirt.

BigKid was slightly more exuberant.


It didn’t take SmallKid too long to warm up though.

BigKid got a haircut. What do you think? I think it’s totally adorable, and she absolutely loves it. For the first couple of days, every time she saw herself in the mirror, she would pat her head and say, “I love my haircut so much, thank you, Mommy!” Yesterday, we spiked it up with some hair putty so she could have spiky hair, and she loves that too.

SmallKid wanted her hair cut too, but I told her she doesn’t have enough hair yet for haircuts.

No comments from the peanut gallery

She was vibrating, she was so excited this morning. She hardly ate any breakfast, only half of her morning snack, about 3 bites of lunch, and then she says she ate the neighbor’s lunch on the bus ride home. What a goof.

This is her favorite new shirt. And her favorite new pants. And her favorite new backpack too.

We actually got frost last night, can you believe that? Anyway, it was too cold at 7:30 this morning to leave without a coat.

While BigKid was at school, SmallKid enjoyed playing playdoh with nobody stealing her cookie cutters, a long nap in a quiet house, and crackers that she didn’t have to share. Then we went outside for a bit to wait for the bus.

And we decided that it would probably be a good idea to put the dog away so she didn’t try to get on the bus.

Then she saw me laying on the ground playing with perspective.

And she had to get out and lay down next to me, but she didn’t like the grass prickling her.

Finally, BigKid came home.

First thing she told me was that school is boring. “Because all those other kids were being crazy.” Then she told me about all the fun things they did, and how much she likes her teacher, and she has so many new friends, and the new french words she learned, and “why can’t I go to school again tomorrow?”