It started snowing a few nights ago, and there is much excitement in our house. We apparently set a huge record for latest snowfall, and BigKid has been waiting ever so impatiently for it to come.

SmallKid, not so much.

Our neighbor butchered a pig a few days ago, and we bought some meat and bones from him. Bailey is thrilled with the bones.

BigKid is just thrilled with the snow. When I told her that it was snowing the first night, she ran to the window and started squealing, “IT’S SNOWING, IT’S SNOWING, IT’S SNOWING! I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO SNOW!!”

SmallKid got up the next morning, looked out the window, and said, “Bleh.”

Forgot the flowers in our hair.

Last Thursday, we left all this behind.


And ended up here. Hello, San Francisco!


So much beautiful architecture. One of our cab drivers told us that it’s upwards of $500k for one level in these houses.


Sunset out the window of the restaurant where we ate supper the first night.


Friday, I went on a gourmet walking tour with some other ladies, and got to see even more sights. And the food. Yum. On the right in this picture is a community garden.


This cheese & fruit plate was at Arlequine Cafe. Lovely goat cheeses, local fruit, locally made bread. We even got to try some really good wine.


Christopher Elbow Chocolates. Beautiful and fancy. Also delicious. The green one is a rosemary caramel, the other is cinnamon black tea.


Our tour guide told us that later that night there would be 20 food trucks in a parking lot at Fort Mason, so we decided we had to go. After about 6 blocks of walking and 12 blocks on the bus, we finally found it. And it was so worth it. I had some really, really good mexican food, some yummy cupcakes, and “Kamikaze Fries”. Waffle fries with korean bbq beef, kimchi, sour cream, & green onions. I am going to have to try to recreate those.


Saturday morning we went on a tour of Alcatraz.

The cells were tiny. Andrew wouldn’t have fit in the beds.



This door is off the exercise yard. Obviously, it wouldn’t have been open when there were prisoners present, but they were able to see the view as they went down the stairs into the thick-walled, concrete yard.


Oh, hey! We were together!


After Alcatraz, we went for sushi on Pier 39, which was a huge difference from what we get here. Then we went for a walk along another pier and found a liberty ship. We could’ve toured it for $10, but we didn’t have enough time before we had to meet the rest of our group.


Stopped in at the tiny aquarium. It was pretty nice, but really tiny. We were through it in less than 45 minutes. Though, admittedly, we didn’t participate at the touch pools.


Sunday was fun. We found this on the way to breakfast. We didn’t take it out though, because the drivers in downtown San Francisco are completely insane.


After breakfast, 49ers vs. Browns. With 50,000 of our closest friends. Or something. With a whole bunch of people who kept walking in front of me so I couldn’t get the shots I wanted.


I forgot how much I like football. We had a lot of fun.


Bright and early Monday morning, it was time to go home. Really early, considering how late we’d been staying up. We were at the airport at 6. Of course, we were assigned to the plane that had electrical trouble, so by the time we actually boarded, our friends who were scheduled to leave after us had already left.


But we got one last peek at the Golden Gate before we left.

School day.

Hi. Today, BigKid is at school, so I get Mama all to myself. This is how I feel about that.

I am helping Mom clean the house. She says it’s much easier to clean with only one short person undoing her work. I’m not really sure what she means by that. She also says no shoes in the house, but I don’t think she really means it.

Now she says it’s time to take off her shoes so we can go meet the bus. Oooh! BigKid’s coming home! She rides the bus. Mama says that when I get big like BigKid, I get to ride the bus too, but I already rode it once so I don’t know why I’m not big enough now.

Sometimes it takes a long time for the bus to come, and we go feed the chickens and we get the eggs before BigKid gets home. But I see it coming right now!

Oh, man.

Someone is not doing well with the updating here.

These pictures are from September. Things are not nearly so green anymore. Winter’s a-coming.

“Look what I can do!”


Hi. I’m cute. I know I am, people tell me all the time.

“Hey, Mom! Look what I learned in school!!”

“What do you mean by ‘back up’?”

Other “learning at school” gems include learning to write “Mom” a million times a day. Which is really sweet until Mom finds it written in the dust on the TV stand. Here, child. Have a dust cloth instead.

Trick or Treat!

BigKid decided she wanted to be a pretty princess. I thought I had her talked into something else, but she changed her mind again at the last minute. She was happy though, that’s the important thing. She also insisted on wearing her rubber boots, because “they’re almost just like high heels!”


My little gnome refused to wait for her hat for her picture last night, and then they wouldn’t sit still for pictures until it was too late and they were really cranky. You get the idea. She didn’t like the beard on her face, but it worked just as well laying on her chest.


Here’s the night I made it. Terribly cell phone picture with our packing detritus in the background. She is absolutely in love with this costume.


These are the faces of two little girls who have just made a fortune in their favorite currency.