The best laid plans…

A few days ago, I emailed the man I bought my sheep from just to double check when I should expect lambs to show up. He told me that the first one should be due at the end of this month.

Friday, I went out at about 2 to feed and check everyone, just like every day. It didn’t look like anyone was close to lambing, so I left them out in the corral and came inside again. About 4:30, I checked again and Annie had had 2 lambs. One had died, and the other was very, very cold. I ended up bringing that one inside because I couldn’t get her warmed up outside. It took 3 hours for her to perk up enough to start bawling.

I’ll spare you the picture I took in the corral before I realized how cold she was. She was early enough that her one eye was still fused shut, and she has no fat on her at all, so it’s a bit of a struggle to keep her warm, but so far, so good.

My barn got finished, not one day too soon.

Annie is such a good mom. I expected her to act like most sheep do and reject the baby after I’d had her inside for so long, but she grabs that baby back right away. And boy, does she ever have fits when I take her away. The baby still isn’t nursing, with her rough start, it took her about 24 hours to start standing and walking, but she’ll get there. For now, she walks around and stands underneath the udder, but can’t seem to figure out what to do once she’s there. So we’re milking Annie and bottle feeding and hoping they can get it figured out.

SmallKid is quite concerned about her baby. She got very mad at me yesterday, because I’d told her that the baby needs lots of milk to grow big & strong. Apparently, that means that the baby needs all of the milk and I shouldn’t be offering milk to SmallKid.

Of course, we get a lamb on the day that both my kids come down with some sort of plague, as you can see, BigKid isn’t feeling the greatest.



These pictures are from forever ago, and they’ve been resized and everything, and I just haven’t been able to get them loaded. And now it’s nearly midnight again, and that bus just comes so early.

We’ve been doing renos/having renos done, and I think that most of the dust-causing things are done now, so I can clean the house and it will maybe stay mostly clean for more than a couple of hours. But now the basement is nearly finished, so we have to unpack boxes down there, and that means sorting and tossing lots of things that we have been holding onto for no good reason at all.

There will also be some new farm news before we know it. We have one ewe who is due to have her lambs sometime in the next week or so, and the other two are due mid-March, I’m told. Very exciting.

But the barn finally got here, so if our winter decides to stop being mild, there’s a nice, draft-free place for lambing. Handy too, that they’re not all three due at once. Annie will be out of the barn long before the other two need it.

The kids are doing wonderfully. SmallKid’s finally decided that she will deign to speak, though she doesn’t use 2 words when one will get her point across. BigKid still loves school and she’s inhaling information like crazy. So much fun. I can’t wait to see what they think about lambs.