Big sigh of relief

That lambing is done for the year.

We’ve been doing all sorts of fun things, and spending a fair bit of time outside too, what with the warm winter and all the new animals. But somehow, the cameras all get left inside, and it’s hard to compose a post with no visuals.

I’m sorry to say that Felice had an accident a week ago and is no longer with us. We miss her a lot, and her mom is still freaked out any time one of her flock is missing. Which makes things a bit noisy around here this week since the other two have lambed, and they spend a night or two in the barn to bond with their babies.

First was Friday, Miss Maude was very obvious in her labor signs, so I was able to be out there with her. Which ended up being a good thing, because she was the largest of the ewes. I thought that meant decent sized multiples, maybe triplets (egad!). Nope. One gigantic singleton. Gigantic. I had to help her mom a bit to get her past baby’s shoulders, but everything went well. I named her Olive, and she was up and nursing before she was about 5 minutes old.

And then, yesterday. I loaded the kids into the truck to go to the city and drove over to toss some hay in to the sheep before we left, and there were extras! That caused a little bit of a delay, but they were up and nursing before I found them, so they didn’t really need me. I put them in the barn with their mom so they could rest away from the others and dry off and whatnot, gave Freda a bit of extra food, and we were on our way.

This one is Tilly. I’m going to figure out some sort of collar or something for identification purposes, but at this point, Tilly is the one who had a touch of entropion, so she had weepy eyes, though that seems cleared up today.

And poor little Nogg, who got her tail chomped by an overzealous Freda trying to clean them off. That’s all taken care of, and she’s fine now, by the way.

And compare them with Olive this morning. Like I said before, gigantic. She was playing tag with Percy yesterday, it was the cutest thing. It’s warm and beautiful today, so everyone’s going outside for the day, and we’ll try and get some more pictures and maybe some video as well.

And maybe someday, I can get some pictures of my own whirlwinds. I mean my own children.

I do have a picture of BigKid trying out Daddy’s (turned off) snowmobile.

Little growing things.

School day! That bus comes awfully early when you have to stay up until 10 singing songs and playing with toys you’re not supposed to have in your bed. This is an actual conversation from Monday night

Me: BigKid, you’re supposed to be sleeping.

BigKid: I know, Mom, but it’s just too noisy in here.

Me: Who is making the noise?

BigKid: Me.

Well, come on kid.

These little cats put up with so much. They park themselves in front of the door so they get loved on by everyone who comes over.

BigKid says, “SmallKid! Don’t hold her by her neck!”

SmallKid says, “Cheese!”

Baby Felice is doing wonderfully. This first picture is from the 24th, her first day outside. She was a week old.

And this was yesterday. 3.5 weeks already, all filled out and growing like crazy. Tonight she’s spending her first night outside (with the shelter, lots of straw and 3 adult sheep), because the other two ewes will be lambing before long, and since I only have 2 stalls in my barn, Felice and Annie are going to have to sleep somewhere else. Hopefully, the others will keep their lambs in a couple weeks more than Annie did, so they can be outside right away.