The Easter Bunny came and left some treats. Slinkies were a hit.

You can see what SmallKid was interested in. She didn’t even care about finding the eggs, she just had to get them open and eat the chocolate from inside before she went looking for another.

It’s warming up, so there’s lots of outside time.

Perler beads are very exciting, though it usually ends up with Mommy doing all the work.

And more outside time. It’s even been warm enough the last couple of days that I’ve been able to talk them out of their coats.


Easter eggs!

Tonight, we dyed eggs.

Poor BigKid only got 2 pictures, because I was helping her and Andrew was busy.

SmallKid had to go second because she wasn’t done eating yet. She might’ve been a little tired from playing with her cousins all day, but I’m not sure.


Pink eggie! She just dipped it in, and she was so very excited that it had changed color when she pulled it back out.

So much waiting.

She let them sit in the dye for about 30 seconds and declared them “DONE!”






Three weeks ago, I set some eggs in the new incubator to hatch. I planned them around the other stuff we had scheduled, spring break, trips, whatnot. It was only about 2 weeks after that that I realized that they were due to hatch just before Easter. And lo and behold, we have easter chicks. My little incubator holds 7 eggs, so that’s how many we put in, and all 7 of them hatched!

This picture is terrible, because I forgot to switch the settings from outside to inside, but it’s the better of the two I managed to get before I started to fear for the chick’s well-being.

Because then the chick started trying to climb up to SmallKid’s face and tickling her and she started to really try to hold on.

BigKid is pretty excited as well. There’s a chance we might get to take them in to show off to her class, which would be pretty neat.