Looks like fall.

Yesterday the kids asked for a leaf pile to jump in. I’m not sure why SmallKid got the biggest rake. Although, I’m sure she’s not the one who made that pile. (It wasn’t me either.)

Then they had to spread it out a bit so they both had room.

Here sister, you need more leaves.

“One, two, fwee, cannonball!”

Oh, too far.

A little closer….


Just the big kid.

School started again last week. Someone might’ve been a little bit excited. No, not just me. ¬†She managed one picture with a mostly calm face.

Then her true feelings won out.

Then on Monday, she lost her first tooth while she was at school (we don’t count the one that had to be pulled). That was even more exciting, because of course, everyone made a big deal over her and she got to go get a special necklace from the office.

The small kid is really enjoying having the house to herself, but she misses her sister a lot.