Believe it or not

It’s getting better.

BigKid is in the pink shirt with pink pants and a black helmet. I think that’s specific enough. SmallKid has blue pants, a polka dot shirt and a white helmet. You’ll notice her because she is lying on the ground being stubborn and refusing to let the helpers actually help her.

They were supposed to be picking up shapes (frankenstein and a pumpkin) and putting them into the corresponding buckets.

After a while, the teacher started stuffing shapes in SmallKid’s hands and helping her across the space.

Which would work out a lot better if SmallKid didn’t turn into a wet noodle as soon as you pick her up.


Of course, I ran out of battery power (because the camera had been out of power for so long before I remembered to charge it), so I didn’t get a video of the last half. BigKid is doing great. She can get up by herself, and she’s scooting across the arena pretty quickly. She is one of the faster kids when she’s not trying to wait for SmallKid. SmallKid can stand up for a while, but she is only willing to do so when the teacher is looking at her. When the teacher tries to leave her and go help someone else, SmallKid leans over and dives onto the ice and hides her face again. She started picking her feet up and scooting them too.

She got foiled at the end of the class though, when the teacher called everyone back and had them play a game of “let’s see how long everyone can stand with airplane arms”. And SmallKid stood just as long as the rest of them. And then managed to scoot with only one hand held from halfway across the arena to the edge. And even took a couple of little steps without any help to get to me. I think she’s going to be up and going in no time.

Skating Lessons!

It’s too bad they aren’t excited. Of course, the skates I had in SmallKid’s size were mislabeled, and I couldn’t cram her feet into them, so we had to make a mad dash to the sports store for some that fit. She was adamant that her new skates wouldn’t let her fall.

Well, her new skates let her fall after all. BigKid’s did pretty well though.

SmallKid waiting her turn for a stand-up.

BigKid actually managed to stay on her feet pretty well. I was surprised, considering the only other time she’s ever been on skates, she spent the entire time on her belly.


This is before she got tired of falling down and being hoisted back up onto her feet. By the end of it she was very, very mad because she was sure that she wasn’t going to fall down and she wasn’t going to need help. And then ice skating turned out to be really hard.

We’ve been talking (and will continue) about it being ok to let people help you, because sometimes that helps you learn faster, and it’s ok to fall down sometimes, because that’s part of learning. Hopefully that’ll sink in and the next lesson will be better. Also, the mitts and snowpants that I forgot to pack this time. Oops.