Video overload.

I keep uploading these and forgetting to share them. Oops.


What we do while we wait for the bus. AKA. How to wear out your snow pants in record time.

What we do while BigKid is at school.


And skating.

We went to free skate today. There are a couple of glimpses of BigKid in these, but she was off and running. And one of her classmates was there, so she was much more interested in playing with him than hanging out with us, of course.

Here is just after we got there.

And here’s about half an hour later.

And about 30 seconds after I turned the camera off for that one, the fire alarm started blaring. It was a false alarm, but it’s a new building, so we were out the door before anyone figured out how to turn it off.

A whole lot of silliness.

We really love pumpkins around here.

This is how SmallKid’s pumpkin turned out. They dawdled along and ran out of carving time before bedtime, so I gave them sharpies to draw what they wanted and I cut them out. SmallKid wanted help, but the nose is all her. ¬†There was much fuss about the tongue we forgot until after BigKid got home.

BigKid’s. With 3 square teeth and one pointy tooth. This is very important.


The 3 of them together. The individual pictures were taken in a dark room inside, but I didn’t have the patience to get a flashless picture outside of the 3 of them in the -17C windchill we had last night.

We only got to 7 houses last night, but the kids had fun and got a ton of candy even so. We ended up with 18 trick or treaters at our house, which was kind of cool, since I think we’ve only ever got about 8 before now.

This is what our trick or treaters got.

There was a costume parade after lunch at the school. BigKid’s in there somewhere, can you spot her? It was adorable pandemonium.

And this is the silliness I get after we’re done trick or treating. It wasn’t too late, but today’s a school day and I wanted to spare myself the late night grumpies.