Remember this kid?

I know it’s been a long time.


That was the first day of Grade 1.

This was today.


It appears that I missed a few years, and she turned 12 on me. She claims to be 7.

Today was BigKid’s last day of Grade 1. In September she starts Grade 2, and she is so very excited. She says that she’s excited for summer and a little break from school, but I’m sure she’ll get over that in about 4 days. DSC_0635 copy 2

SmallKid is really excited that her sister gets to be home every day now. But likewise with the getting over it in about 4 days, I think. She’s much too accustomed to having everyone to herself during the day.

DSC_0638 copy 2

But for now, they seem to like each other alright.

One thought on “Remember this kid?

  1. Holy Smokes!!!
    Looks like BigKid grew half a foot or more. Can NOT wait to hug these 2.

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